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Evidian IAM Suite is a comprehensive range of identity and access management solutions.

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Product Details

Evidian IAM Suite is a comprehensive range of identity and access management solutions:

Evidian Identity & Access Manager (Evidian IAM)

  • Evidian IAM allows authorization governance and a full lifecycle management of identities and access to resources, driven by a security policy combined with approval workflows. Evidian IAM provides organizations with the ability to define who can access which applications, with what rights, from where and in what way.
  • Evidian IAM Suite offers various standard processes allowing the company to give its users the means to request rights to particular applications, to consult the identity repository, to maintain their own identity data, and to register the arrival or departure of an individual. This takes place in a structured way, by involving the right people in the approval process and associated actions. These processes enable on-going actions to be properly monitored. The processes are available on the IAM portal for end users. Once the rights assignment process is complete, account management in target applications is used to apply the identity and access governance policy.

Evidian Enterprise Access Management

  • Evidian Enterprise SSO provides single sign-on to web and tick-client applications, from servers, workstations and mobile devices, freeing users from the memorizing and typing passwords. The products integrates a complete audit and reporting solution to analyze who access which applications, when and  from where.
  • Evidian Authentication Manager provides the support for : multi-factor authentication method for Windows and mobile devices, fast user switching to share workstations between users, cluster mode to allow a user to authenticate on one PC and to access on several PCs at the same time.
  • Evidian Web Access Manager provides web authentication with multifactor authentication and single sign-on to web applications supporting web-forms and SAMLv2, on-premises and in the cloud.


  • SSO: the solution provides automatic logon to thick applications published through Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, formerly XenApp and XenDesktop available from a ressource.
  • Account delegation: the solution offers a secure way to share an application account between two people (or more). A user can decide to delegate his/her access to a colleague without exchanging any password information.
  • Strong authentication: the solution handles authentication method such as smartcard, contactless badge, biometrics.
  • Self Service Password Request is a functionality which allows users to reset their primary password by themselves.

The product can be bought from Evidian or from partners. The support is in English or French.