ExtraHop Networks, Inc.

ExtraHop Networks, Inc. is changing how organizations use their network by transforming data-in-motion into a rich multidimensional data source that delivers the IT and business insights they require. The network is the common element in every aspect of modern business, and ExtraHop makes it easy to derive insights from wire-data with a turnkey analytics platform.

Universal Observation

ExtraHop provides continuous observation of all data-in-motion to help IT identify anomalous and disruptive behavior from any device or user in real time.

Dynamic Discovery

ExtraHop Networks, Inc. perform comprehensive traffic, transaction, and device discovery in real-time for even the most complex and dynamic environments to eliminate blind spots.

Multi-Dimensional Stream Analytics

ExtraHop Networks, Inc. enable turnkey multi-dimensional analysis through the combination of real-time visibility, post-hoc analytics, and Open Data Stream (ODS) capabilities.

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