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File Stream

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0
  • XenApp 6.5

Product Details

File Stream Document Management Software is written by in-house developers using current Microsoft® technology including MS SQL and .net framework. It integrates with and has the same look and feel as Microsoft®Office.

With File Stream, you can file and index all your records in one consistent electronic filing structure - including scanned-in paperwork, MS Office documents, and over 300 other file formats. File Stream Document Management takes a very flexible approach to licensing. It offers both Fixed and Concurrent options. It also operates in terminal services and Citrix environments.

File Stream offers a variety of methods for filing documents: Manual Tagging, Regional OCR, Global OCR, and Barcode recognition. For a fuller description of File Stream Document Managements standard features click here: File Stream Standard Features.

File Stream Document Management has many optional modules offering advanced functionality (see File Stream Advanced Uses) including a Web Module (enables users to scan, index, search for and view documents remotely over the internet or a company intranet), a workflow module and an API tool (allows integration with other software products).

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