FireEye Endpoint Security

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FireEye Endpoint Security provides comprehensive defense using multiple engines and customer deployable protection modules to block malware and exploits, detect advanced attacks and provide response tools and techniques developed by the frontline responders.


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    7.15 LTSR, 1912 LTSR
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    Citrix DaaS, Citrix DaaS for AWS
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    1912 LTSR
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    Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service on Azure
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    7.15 LTSR, 1912 LTSR

Product Details

To prevent common and known malware, Endpoint Security uses a signature-based engine. To find unknown and advanced threats, FireEye created machine learning seeded with knowledge from the frontlines of cyber attacks, called MalwareGuard. To stop application and web based exploits, FireEye created a behavior-based analytics engine, called ExploitGuard. Finally, endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities are enabled through a real-time indicator of compromise (IOC) engine that relies on current, frontline intelligence helps find hidden threats. This defense in depth strategy helps protect vital information stored on customer endpoints.




Even with the best protection, breaches are inevitable. To ensure a substantive response that minimizes business disruption, Endpoint Security provides tools to:

  • Search for and investigate known and unknown threats on tens of thousands of endpoints in minutes
  • Identify and detail vectors an attack used to infiltrate an endpoint
  • Determine whether an attack occurred (and persists) on a specific endpoint and where it spread
  • Establish timeline and duration of endpoint compromises and follow the incident
  • Clearly identify which endpoints, physical or virtual, and systems need containment to prevent further compromise