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GA690-2 (Chinese)

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Centerm-GA690-2 (X2) thin client uses AMD's Fusin T40N processor,support USB 2.0; simple and neat appearance.

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

GA690-2 is equipped with AMD Fusion T40N 1.0GHz(Dual Core) 5*USB 2.0, DVI-D+VGA VESA mount Citrix HDX Ready

Centerm-GA690-2 (X2) thin client uses AMDs Fusin T40N processor,support USB 2.0; simple and neat appearance.


  • Industrial applications: for the corporate office, operators, call centers and other industries, foreground application for terminal mode of business in these industries, and is now a very mature application program
  • The operators in the call center applications, mainly through the virtual environment to complete business applications, this is in line with Centerm-GA690-2 (X2) the product of cloud computing design philosophy. Centerm-GA690-2 (X2) low power, low cost and high stability of the design is suitable for the needs of call center applications.
  • Corporate office through RDP or ICA virtual table surface, the highest frequency for the general office in the virtual desktop environment, user,Office and other common office software , in addition to control the angle and energy saving from the cost of doing business The reduction of the social mission requires the access side to meet the low power, low-cost requirements.Centerm-GA690-2 (X2) products set the RDP and ICA protocols, can be very good to meet.
  • Diskless work : Centerm-GA690-2 (X2), product support network a PXE boot, to meet some customers on the stand-alone flexibility and software restrictions.