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Synapse Cardiovascular

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Delivers an integrated image and information system that has been clinically proven to deliver the results that cardiologists require. Web based

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Compatible with

  • XenApp 6.0
  • XenApp 6.5


  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Completing the Cath Lab: Cardiac Catheterization

From Dynamic Diagrams to Real-Time, Tableside Image Replication

No matter what type of cardiac exam, weve got the latest tools and technologies to help you achieve clear, comprehensive outcomes. And since it can be integrated with 3rd party hemodynamic monitoring systems, you can immediately access the waveforms and clinical information you need to make more accurate clinical decisions.

Completing the Stress ECG Lab: ECG Management

From Paperless Stress ECG Tracings to Combined Reports

We have the tools to eliminate your paper trail, to simplify your quantitative measurement process, to create fully customizable reports — everything you need to take your entire Stress ECG reporting process to the next level.

Completing the Echo Lab:

From Preset Measurement Routines to Pediatric Z-scores and Wall Motion Scoring Intelligence
We offer exceptional image viewing, a unique, highly sophisticated image interpretation software package, and reporting capabilities unmatched in the industry. In addition, in order to provide Pediatric clinicians with the ability to more easily evaluate measurements relative to normal data, Synapse cardiovascular offers a Pediatric Z-score Module to evaluate over 40 pediatric echo measurements and calculations relative to the normal range and Z-score, automatically calculated and displayed with the simple entry of height and weight or age.

Completing the Nuclear Lab:

From A Single User Interface to Impeccable Quality Assurance
Thats why we employ an innovative software application specially developed for the quantification and review of cardiac perfusion, function and anatomy in nuclear cardiology SPECT studies: Corridor4DM. Corridor4DM uses a foundation of algorithms developed at the University of Michigan to provide robust image displays including 3D surfaces, 2D polar maps and short axis images. Combine this with Synapse cardiovasculars unmatched reporting capabilities, and youve got yourself one comprehensive Nuclear Cardiology lab.

Completing the Vascular Lab:

From Exceptional Quantification Techniques to Efficient User-Defined Macros
Couple this with our completely customizable reporting capabilities, and your Vascular ultrasound exams become more advanced. Completely comprehensive. Extraordinarily interactive. And incredibly efficient.

Supporting Web Viewer and Full client in version 4.0.8!

Delivers an integrated image and information system that has been clinically proven to deliver the results that cardiologists require. Web based