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FUJITSU FUTRO S920 with Windows 10 IoT

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The Fujitsu FUTRO S920 cloud end-point device helps you deploy large IT installations securely with just a few clicks enabling you to maintain, optimize and save costs in the long run. Thin Clients provide the right balance of computing power and data security ideal for companies operating in industries that have stringent regulatory compliances.

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Compatible with

  • HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.2
  • XenApp 7.12
  • XenApp 7.14
  • XenDesktop 7.12
  • XenDesktop 7.14


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)
  • HDX Realtime Optimization Pack
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

Citrix Ready Technical Qualified Details

Client firmware:
Client OS Class: Windows
Client OS: Windows 10
Certified on Citrix versions: XenApp 7.12, 7.14 XenDesktop 7.12, 7.14 HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.2
Certified on HDX Levels: HDX Ready, HDX Premium, HDX 3D Pro

You can find the certification criteria of the features under each HDX levels here.

Test Features Results
HDX Plug n Play – USB   PASS
HDX 2D Graphics – Server Rendered   PASS
HDX Voice - Generic Chat & Softphone Support   PASS
HDX Video Playback - Server Rendered Flash   PASS
HDX Video Playback – Server Rendered Windows Media   PASS
Print using Citrix Universal Printer Driver   PASS
HDX Plug-n-Play - Multi-Monitor Support (Multi 2D and 3D apps)   PASS
HDX Real Time Audio (VoIP)   PASS
HDX Media stream Flash Redirection   PASS
HDX Media stream Windows Media Redirection   PASS
HDX Real Time Webcam compression   PASS
Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack Support   PASS
HDX Smartcard Support   PASS
HDX Rich Graphics – 3D Pro   PASS
HDX Pixel Perfect Lossless Support   PASS
Space Mouse Support   PASS


The individually configurable FUJITSU FUTRO S920 with Windows 10 IoT has all the flexibility you need to optimize secure server-based computing and desktop virtualization. This simple, reliable yet powerful front-end device is easy to integrate and manage. It also offers expansion slots and unique connectivity options to maximize user convenience. Plus, its long lifecycle helps you minimize TCO.


  • Optimized for multimedia re-direction, local applications and UC&C
  • Increased productivity with up to four monitors
  • Central administration and manageability with Scout Enterprise
  • Wide range of options address all common connectivity needs
  • Individual configurable to meet your performance demands
  • Comfortable working thanks to low noise and heat emission