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Primergy RX600 S6

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The scalable PRIMERGY RX600 S6 Quad socket server with latest Intel Xeon processor series.

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service
  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1
  • XenServer 6.2
  • XenServer 6.5
  • XenServer 7.0


  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service (XenApp & XenDesktop service)
  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

The scalable PRIMERGY RX600 S6 Quad socket server with latest Intel Xeon processor series is in every respect a reliable server for critical company IT services, such as a database management system for large corporations or as a consolidation platform to host an immensely large number of applications using virtualization technologies. The ideal interaction of integrated redundancy functions with server management components results in high-level availability and constantly efficient IT production as a character feature of this server platform.

This system is designed for critical corporate applications and large scale consolidation. Its new architecture ensures for even more efficient deployment of demanding scale-up computing needs. Irrespective of the server usage, as database or virtualization system, the performance can always be extended so that no bottlenecks can arise as a result of low processor performance or main memory capacity.

Enhanced server reliability without extra cost, operational continuity which means more value for your money as well as secured data safety.


Scale-up Performance for Growth

  • Using the scalable Intel® QPI architecture in this 4 CPU sockets server results in an excellent increase in performance when compared to the older Front Side Bus server generations. Thanks to the integration of two memory controllers per processor, the CPU to memory bandwidth has been raised up to a factor of 9. Together with the quadrupled maximum memory capacity and the new processor generation with up to 10 cores per processor and 2 threads per core, the system performance achieves unprecedented growth factors.

Balanced Scalability

  • „Balanced scale-up performance is achieved by combining various processor choices, using up to 4 x Intel® Xeon® E7-4800 or up to 2 x Intel® Xeon® E7-2800 processors, with PCI Express Generation 2 I/O busses and up to 64 memory DIMMs on 8 configurable memory boards

Integrated High Availability as standard

  • „ECC and SDDC memory protection, memory mirroring support, hot plug Memory Boards with socket-overlapping memory mirroring, hot-plug redundant fans and power supplies as standard, up to 8x hot-plug 2.5-inch SAS/SATA hard disks, hot-plug PCIe slots
  • LocalView display and integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC S2) IPMI 2.0 as standard