GlassIG is an independent software vendor that provides cost effective Information Governance solutions. GlassIG is used to manage information policies and power organizations’ legal and regulatory requirements related to data retention and information lifecycle management. Unlike alternative solutions, with GlassIG, companies can create corporate policies that are actively managed and published across organizational, jurisdictional and information system boundaries. GlassIG can be deployed as both a cloud-based or on-premise application.

Business users are creating content, storing it in cloud-based and on-premise repositories, with no regard for compliance and retention issues.

GlassIG helps companies protect their business, their users, and their assets, achieving regulatory compliance and allowing organization to realize the value of information.

GlassIG offers a secure, collaborative and user friendly software, that allows companies to catalog their content, set policies and retention rules, and automate the enforcement of these policies for compliance purposes. Because content may reside in the cloud, in collaborative environments or on shared drives, GlassIG is a hybrid Information Governance solution that governs content both in the cloud and within and organization’s infrastructure.

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