Chrome OS is the speedy, simple and secure operating system that powers every Chromebook.

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Product Details

Chrome OS is the speedy, simple and secure operating system that powers every Chromebook.

Simple setup
Setting up your new Chromebook is easy. Just log into your Google Account and you’ll find all your Google Drive files and Chrome preferences on your new Chromebook.

Family Link
The Family Link app from Google helps you set digital ground rules for children using Chromebooks. Set screen time limits and adjust their account settings.

Boots in seconds
Don’t lose a moment of productivity to a slow start. Whether you’re answering an urgent email, taking notes in class or relaxing at home, just open it up and get going.

Chrome OS details and test case results: 

Endpoint Client OS: Google Chrome OS
Chrome version: 91.0.4472.114

Type Test Standard Premium Test Results
Multimedia Hardware Accelaration using H265 Codec Support (Optional)       X NA
Video Conferencing on Skype for Business with HDX Real Time Optimization Pack Support       X NA
Optimization for Microsoft Teams Support       X NA
HTML5 Redirection Support       X NA
Browser Content Redirection Support       X NA
Windows Media Stream Redirection Support       X Passed
Security PIV Smartcard Support       X Not Tested
Citrix Workspace Enablers Citrix Cloud Services Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Files access and Experience Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace App Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Support       X       X Passed
Access Secure SaaS and Web Application       X       X Passed
Devices Plug n Play Devices Redirection       X       X Not Tested
High-Definition Webcam Streaming       X       X Passed
3D Mouse Support and Redirection       X       X Not Tested
Graphics Rich Graphics Application Support       X       X Passed
Multi Monitor Support for 2D and 3D Applications       X       X Passed
Pixel Perfect Lossless Compression       X       X Passed
2D Graphics - Server Rendered Virtual Application       X       X Passed
Multimedia Video Playback - Server Rendered Windows Media Redirection       X       X Passed
Print Client Printer Test Using Citrix Universal Printer Driver       X       X NA
General HDX Traffic Management and Monitoring with Citrix ADM 
      X       X Passed
Accelerated Traffic Support through Citrix SD-WAN (optional)       X       X Passed

*Passed: This case is fully tested by partner and has met the desired results.
*Not Tested – This test case was not executed as per partner preference. Submit your questions by clicking on the Request Information button on this page.
*NA (Not Applicable) – This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitation.



Upgrade to easy
Life’s complicated enough. Simplify things with a Chromebook.

  • The Everything Button
    Chromebooks have the Everything Button. It’s one button that helps you find what you need fast. Like files. And apps. And answers online. Press it, and get what you need - all from one place.
  • Long battery life
    Work and play with up to 12 hours on a single charge. With Chromebook, you don’t even need to remember your charger.
  • Offline access
    No Wi-Fi, no problem. Recent documents, spreadsheets, presentations and emails are all available with offline access.
  • Touchscreen
    Swipe, tap and scroll the way you want. There are many touchscreen-enabled Chromebooks.
  • Instant tethering
    Instant Tethering with Chromebook keeps you connected to your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot automatically.
  • Microsoft Office compatible
    With access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint from the Google Play Store, you can be confident that your Chromebook will allow you to use the productivity software you need.
  • Picture-in-picture viewing
    Be a multitasking marvel. With Chromebook, you can enjoy picture-in-picture viewing with the most popular video apps. You can online shop or catch up on email, while your favorite TV show or the big game plays in a window in the corner.
  • Automatic back-up of Drive files
    Has your computer ever fallen victim to a cup of coffee? With Chromebook, the updates you make to Google Docs, Sheets and Slides within Google Drive are automatically saved when you’re connected to the Internet.
  • Virtual Desks
    Organize your workspace and multitask more easily with Virtual Desks on Chromebook. Think of Virtual Desks as separate workspaces within your Chromebook.
  • LTE connectivity
    With LTE connectivity on your Chromebook,* you can stay connected to the Internet wherever you are.


Security, built-in.
With features like built-in virus protection and secure support for multiple users, Chromebook keeps you and your data protected.

  • Sandboxing
    Chrome OS keeps different software on your Chromebook separate with Sandboxing. So even if one part gets infected, the rest is designed to stay safe.
  • Verified boot
    Every time your Chromebook starts up, it goes through Verified Boot - a rigorous and seamless security check-up in the background that prevents malware.
  • Security Chip
    Protect your data. Every Chromebook includes a built-in security chip to encrypt your most sensitive data and keep it away from prying eyes. Know your Chromebook will stay safe.
  • Built-in virus protection
    Built-in virus protection defends your Chromebook from malware automatically. You can focus on what you need to do, instead of installing third-party security software.
  • Guest Mode
    Guest Mode allows you to share your Chromebook with friends without giving them access to your login. Guests won’t see any of the files saved in the other user accounts. And after logging out, their local history or files won’t be saved - by design.
  • Powerwash
    In the rare event that something does go wrong, a fresh start is just a click away. With the powerwashing feature on your Chromebook, you can easily reset your device to factory settings and get rid of malware in the process.
  • Multi-user support
    Share your Chromebook without sharing what’s personal - a single Chromebook can support multiple users while maintaining each person’s privacy.


Ready when you are
Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and with automatic updates you get the latest software without being interrupted.

  • Automatic updates
    Your Chromebook starts new and stays new over time. With automatic updates in the background, your device gets the latest software without interrupting you.
  • Google Assistant
    Accessible by voice or keyboard, Google Assistant on Chromebook helps you multitask, control smart devices and get things done faster than before.
  • Smart Lock
    Smart Lock uses your Android phone as a wireless key to unlock your Chromebook automatically, so you can spend less time typing in your passwords and more time getting down to work or play.
  • Fingerprint unlock
    Skip typing your password to unlock your Chromebook. Use your fingerprint, and get into your device even faster.
  • Continue reading
    Pick up where you left off reading a story. Your Android devices and Chromebook work together, so you never lose your place.