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Run your VMware-based Citrix VDA workload, natively, on Google Cloud. Migrate or extend your on-premises VMware-based Citrix VDA workloads to Google Cloud and your core Citrix CVAD environment to Citrix Cloud CVAD service without having to refactor your applications. Benefit from increased scale and agility while continuing to leverage the value of your existing VMware investments. Maintain continuity with existing tools, policies, and unify management across environments.

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Google Cloud VMware Engine enables you to migrate VMware-based on-premises Citrix Workloads to Google Cloud and your core Citrix CVAD environment to Citrix Cloud CVAD service with very minimal configuration changes, and helps you migrate everything to cloud 100%. Run your Citrix VDA workload on a native VMware Cloud Foundation environment including vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and HCX while benefiting from Google Cloud’s highly performant infrastructure to meet the needs of your most demanding enterprise workloads. Manage your Citrix VDA workload from CVAD service to give you continuously updated and enhanced VDI management solution. Free up time to develop next-gen hybrid apps and services while reducing the operational burden on IT. Increase business agility by unlocking intelligent insights with Google services via AI & ML to analyze your data in real-time and better connect with your customers.

 Migrating your on-premises Citrix VDA workloads to the Citrix and Google Cloud enables you to quickly meet your business needs by providing employees access to enterprise desktops and apps no matter where they are. Google Cloud enables low latency access, unlimited scalability, and the ability to rapidly increase capacity during spikes in demand to meet the needs of users around the world.




  • User experience - Provision a dedicated VMware environment in 30 minutes, Google Cloud Identities simplifies the process of setting up of VDA workload in the cloud. And, with our enterprise-grade infrastructure, we can handle as many end-users as needed, and when you need to expand, you can add capacity in as little at 15 minutes.
  • Networking - VMware-based Citrix environments in VMware Engine are configured directly on VPC subnets. This means you can use standard mechanisms - such as Cloud Interconnect and Cloud VPN to connect to the service, as they would to any other service in Google Cloud. This architecture eliminates the complexity of establishing additional, expensive, bandwidth-limited connectivity that may need to be assigned explicitly.
  • Services - In addition to its native capabilities, VMware platform is valuable because of its rich ecosystem that meets any IT need imaginable. On VMware, you often have third-party tooling configured for DR, backup, monitoring, or security. Since VMware Engine provides a native VMware platform, you can bring such tools without changes.


  • Consistency - Run Citrix VDA workloads on a native VMware software stack so no changes are needed to your tools or processes when you operate in the Cloud. Because it is a native VMware environment, you simply migrate your on-prem Citrix application to the new environment in the Cloud. This gets you up and running faster.  
  • Operational Continuity - Your admins run the same tools on Citrix Cloud to manage Citrix environment as they do on-premises. No training required, and no interruption to service.
  • Scalability - Meet the dynamic needs of your organization on-demand, with the ability to expand or shrink your environment in minutes. And, take advantage of the same storage apps you use on-premises, in Google Cloud to save costs on long terms archiving of content.