Goverlan, Inc.

Citrix Virtual Apps, formerly XenApp customers with Goverlan can better support hosted sessions by using Goverlan fastConnect to detect any active Citrix user session and display the hosting Citrix Virtual Apps server. Administrators can easily provide support to Citrix user sessions from the same console that they use to perform day-to-day IT management tasks.

With Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics administrators can support users behind-the-scenes, minimizing disruptive remote control sessions. Administration & Diagnostics empowers support teams with easy-to-use and comprehensive tools to support individual Citrix Virtual Apps user sessions with full access to: network drive mappings, printers, environment variables, remote command line, and chat with and/or send pop-ups to the end-users.

Goverlan Remote Control enables administrators with remote shadowing capabilities for Citrix Virtual Apps sessions without disconnecting the user. This includes connecting to a virtual desktop or published application that is in use.

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