MetrixInsight for ADC

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MetrixInsight for ADC is a SCOM Management Pack for monitoring Application Delivery Controllers. Formerly known as NetScaler.

Our solution dynamically visualizes the ADC appliance topology within a single pane of glass to monitor its Authentication, Gateway, Load Balancer, Certificate and Interface components and services. 

No additional agents, database or tooling required. Just purely SCOM.

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    11.1 VPX, 11.1 MPX, 12.1 VPX, 12.1 MPX, 13.0 VPX, 13.0 MPX

Product Details

MetrixInsight for ADC is a SCOM Management Pack for monitoring Application Delivery Controllers. Formerly known as NetScaler.

The following Performance Metrics are included within our solution:

  1. % /flash Disk Space Used
  2. % /var Disk Space Used
  3. % Authentications Failed
  4. % HTTP Authorizations Failed
  5. % LDAP Authentications Failed
  6. % Management CPU Usage
  7. % Memory Usage
  8. % Non-HTTP Authorizations Failed
  9. % Packet CPU Usage
  10. % RADIUS Authentications Failed
  11. Active SSL Sessions
  12. Authentication Failure Count
  13. Authentication Failure Rate
  14. Authentication Success Count
  15. Authentication Success Rate
  16. Certificate Days To Expiration
  17. Current AAA TM Sessions Count
  18. Current AAA TM Sessions Rate
  19. Current Basic ICA only Connections Count
  20. Current Gateway Users Count
  21. Current Smart Access AAA Sessions Count
  22. Current Smart Access AAA Sessions Rate
  23. Current Smart Access ICA Connections Count
  24. Failed LDAP Authentications
  25. Failed RADIUS Authentications
  26. Gateway Client Configuration Request Rate
  27. Gateway Client Configuration Requests
  28. Gateway Login Page Display Failures
  29. Gateway Login Page Hits
  30. Gateway Virtual Server Current AAA Users Count
  31. Gateway Virtual Server Request Bytes Rate
  32. Gateway Virtual Server Requests Rate
  33. Gateway Virtual Server Response Bytes Rate
  34. Gateway Virtual Server Responses Rate
  35. HA Heartbeat Packets Received Rate
  36. HA Node Heartbeat packets sent Rate
  37. HA Node Synchronization Failures
  38. HA Node Timed Out HA Propagations
  39. HDX Connection Failure Rate
  40. HDX Connection Success Rate
  41. HTTP Connection Authorization Failure Count
  42. HTTP Connection Authorization Failure Rate
  43. HTTP Connection Authorization Success Count
  44. HTTP Connection Authorization Success Rate
  45. HTTP Requests Rate
  46. HTTP Response Rate
  47. Incoming Appliance Throughput Rate
  48. Interface Discarded Inbound Packets Rate
  49. Interface Dropped Inbound Packets Rate
  50. Interface Dropped Outbound Packets Rate
  51. Interface Received Bytes Rate
  52. Interface Received Error Packets Rate
  53. Interface Received Packets Rate
  54. Interface Total Discarded Inbound Packets
  55. Interface Total Dropped Inbound Packets
  56. Interface Total Dropped Outbound Packets
  57. Interface Total Received Bytes Count
  58. Interface Total Received Error Packets
  59. Interface Total Received Packets Count
  60. Interface Total Transmitted Bytes Count
  61. Interface Total Transmitted Error Packets
  62. Interface Total Transmitted Packets Count
  63. Interface Transmitted Bytes Rate
  64. Interface Transmitted Error Packets Rate
  65. Interface Transmitted Packets Rate
  66. Internal Temperature
  67. License Days To Expiration
  68. Load Balancing Virtual Server % Health State
  69. Load Balancing Virtual Server Current Client Connections Count
  70. Load Balancing Virtual Server Current Server Connections Count
  71. Load Balancing Virtual Server Hits Rate
  72. Load Balancing Virtual Server Request bytes Rate
  73. Load Balancing Virtual Server Response Bytes Rate
  74. Load Balancing Virtual Server Total Hits Count
  75. Memory Used (MBytes)
  76. Non-HTTP Connection Authorization Failure Count
  77. Non-HTTP Connection Authorization Failure Rate
  78. Non-HTTP Connection Authorization Success Count
  79. Non-HTTP Connection Authorization Success Rate
  80. Outgoing Appliance Throughput Rate
  81. Resolved DNS Queries Rate
  82. SOCKS Client Error Rate
  83. SOCKS Connect Request Received Rate
  84. SOCKS Connect Request Sent Rate
  85. SOCKS Connect Respond Received Rate
  86. SOCKS Connect Respond Sent Rate
  87. SOCKS Method Request Received Rate
  88. SOCKS Method Request Sent Rate
  89. SOCKS Method Respond Received Rate
  90. SOCKS Method Respond Sent Rate
  91. SOCKS Server Error Rate
  92. SSL VPN Tunnels Formed Rate
  93. STA Connection Failure Rate
  94. STA Connection Success Rate
  95. STA Request Sent Rate
  96. STA Response Received Rate
  97. Successful LDAP Authentications
  98. Successful RADIUS Authentications
  99. Total AAA TM Sessions Count
  100. Total AAA TM Sessions Rate
  101. Total Failed LDAP Authentications
  102. Total Failed RADIUS Authentications
  103. Total HA Heartbeat Packets Received
  104. Total HA Heartbeat Packets Sent
  105. Total HDX Connection Failures
  106. Total HDX Connection Success
  107. Total Resolved DNS Queries
  108. Total Smart Access AAA Sessions Count
  109. Total Smart Access AAA Sessions Rate
  110. Total SOCKS Client Errors
  111. Total SOCKS Connect Request sent
  112. Total SOCKS Connect Requests Received
  113. Total SOCKS Connect Respond Received
  114. Total SOCKS Connect Respond Sent
  115. Total SOCKS method request sent
  116. Total SOCKS Method Requests Received
  117. Total SOCKS Method Respond Received
  118. Total SOCKS Method Respond Sent
  119. Total SOCKS Server Errors
  120. Total SSL VPN Tunnels Formed
  121. Total STA Connection Failures
  122. Total STA Connection Success
  123. Total STA Request Sent
  124. Total STA Responses Received
  125. Total Successful LDAP Authentications
  126. Total Successful RADIUS Authentications
  127. Total Timed-out AAA Sessions Count
  128. Total Timed-out AAA Sessions Rate
  129. Total VPN License Failures

The following Monitors are included within our solution:

  1. % Disk Usage
  2. % Failed Authentications
  3. % Failed HTTP Authentications
  4. % Failed LDAP Authentications
  5. % Failed non-HTTP Authentications
  6. % Failed RADIUS Authentications
  7. % Health Load Balancing Virtual Server
  8. % Management CPU Usage
  9. % Memory Usage
  10. % Packet CPU Usage
  11. ADC Device Availability
  12. Certificate Expiration
  13. HA State
  14. License Expiration
  15. Power Supply
  16. State Gateway Virtual Server
  17. State Load Balancing Service
  18. State Load Balancing Service Group
  19. State Load Balancing Virtual Server
  20. State Network Interface
  21. Unsaved Config


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