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GTB Technologies Data Discovery & Classification for Citrix ShareFile

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Compatible with

  • ShareFile Enterprise


  • ShareFile

Product Details

GTB’s Data Discovery with Classification for Citrix ShareFile helps organizations locate, classify and control sensitive data, find out how it is being used, and protect it against loss, theft or leakage.

GTB’s Data Discovery & Classification can scan structured and unstructured data, protecting sensitive data residing in Citrix ShareFile StorageZone, and other cloud services such as Box, Dropbox, Hosted Exchange, Azure, Office 365, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Drive. In addition, GTB Discovery & Classification can discover the same data in Local PC’s, Files-shares, Exchange, PST/OST files, SharePoint, and any ODBC compliant Database. Scans can be run as a batch process with results sent to multiple event responders.  Comprehensive enterprise reporting on file-owners, locations, file types and actual DLP Policies are included.

Identification of Data Leak and Compliance Risk

  • Scan for sensitive information stored on premises, or in the Cloud
  • Find where sensitive data is stored and who the file owner is.
  • View results from the GTB DLP that Works Central Console with comprehensive search and data analytics.

Classification, Analysis and Remediation  

  • Control sensitive data with customized or existing classification values.
  • Send alerts when data is saved or moved in contradiction of policies.
  • User Based / Automatic Classification
  • Classify emails, Classify files
  • Index and Mine data / data sets.
  • Move, Copy, Delete, Redact, Watermark or apply Enterprise DRM on sensitive data within or to StorageZone.
  • Generate digital signatures to protect documents when in transit to the Internet or to USB devices and Printers.
  • Watermark,
  • Compatible with the leading Data classification solutions.
  • Compatible with Data Loss Prevention (DLP), CASB  & SIEM solutions

Customized Policies and Enterprise Reports

GTB Data Discovery provides an unparalleled amount of Meta Data on files including File Owner, Last Printed, Last accessed, Tags and many more. The system includes a powerful report generator with an intuitive UI to customize reports. A sample report is available on the next page.

Document Fingerprinting

Documents can be fingerprinted from any repository and GTB Discovery performs a complete or a partial file match with virtually zero false positives.   Such fingerprints are shared among all GTB DLP that Works platform components / facets including the GTB Inspector and the GTB Endpoint Protector.