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H3C Cloud Automation System (CAS) HCI System

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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.14
  • XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)

Product Details

H3C HCI System product is a new generation of cloud data center infrastructure solution launched by H3C for IaaS (infrastructure services). The H3C CAS HCI suite is pre-installed,it integrates CAS computing virtualization, ONEStor distributed storage, SDN network, security, operation and maintenance monitoring, and cloud platform with six software functions. Out of the box, it can build a cloud computing environment in 30 minutes, realizing a minimalist hardware architecture platform of only servers and switches and a unified software definition data center resource pool. The unified monitoring and management of physical hardware and computing and storage network virtualization resources can quickly and flexibly deploy business and effectively reduce overall TCO through the unified management of minimalist interface. Make UIS the best infrastructure platform for cloud computing.

H3C UIS 超融合一体机产品是H3C面向IaaS(基础架构既服务)推出的新一代云数据中心基础架构解决方案,包含有UIS 8000、UIS-Cell 3000、UIS-Cell 4000、UIS-Cell 6000等四个系列产品,出厂预安装了业内领先的UIS超融合6.0软件,集成了CAS计算虚拟化、ONEStor分布式存储、SDN网络、安全、运维监控、云平台六大软件功能,开箱即用,30分钟就可以搭建云计算环境,实现仅服务器和交换机的极简的硬件架构平台和统一的软件定义数据中心资源池。将物理硬件、计算存储网络虚拟化资源统一监控和管理,可快速灵活部署业务,并通过极简的界面统一管理,有效降低整体TCO。使得UIS成为云计算的最佳基础架构平台。


H3C CAS is geared to the needs of enterprise data center virtualization software, provide a powerful virtualization capabilities and resource pool management ability, unique kernel data speed, storage block queue technology, greatly improve the efficiency of the business in the virtual machine, hardware conditions, the same optimal SPECvirt authority virtualization performance benchmark performance, and provide the industry the innovative dynamic resource extension (DRX), cloud point, cloud technologies such as rainbow. ONEStor storage software is a leading software definition storage product in the industry, which can provide rich enterprise features: snapshot, clone, data reduction, erasure code, data delamination, read-write acceleration, etc., supporting strong consistency of user data and ensuring data reliability and security. Uis-cell can integrate China three NFV network virtualization technology, integrate vSW, vFW, vLB, vSR and other components, realize the control of virtual machine traffic visits and security protection, realize the automatic deployment of network equipment in the cloud computing environment, and realize security isolation for multi-tenants.

H3C CAS集成的计算虚拟化软件CAS是面向数据中心的企业级虚拟化软件,提供强大的虚拟化功能和资源池管理能力,独有的内核数据加速、存储块多队列等技术,极大提升业务在虚拟机中的运行效率,相同硬件条件下,SPECvirt权威虚拟化性能基准测试表现最优,并提供业内创新性的动态资源扩展(DRX)、云点、云彩虹等技术。ONEStor存储软件是业内领先的软件定义存储产品,可以提供丰富的企业级特性:快照、克隆、数据精简、纠删码、数据分层、读写加速等企业特性,支持用户数据强一致性,保障数据可靠安全。UIS-Cell可集成华三NFV网络虚拟化技术,融合vSW、vFW、vLB、vSR等组件,实现虚拟机流量互访控制及安全防护,实现在云计算环境下的网络设备的自动化部署,面向多租户的安全隔离。