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HPE ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade

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The HPE ProLiant WS460c G6 provides greater 2P x86 server blade density without compromise and maximum power-efficiency with flexibility and choice.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

The HPE ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade allows to centralize the organization’s workstations in the data center - revolutionizing workstation computing. Rather than placing the workstation’s computing power at the user’s desk, the computing power - in the form of a blade workstation - is moved to the data center, where workstations can be more easily, securely, and economically managed. The results are improved uptime and business continuity, enhanced data center security, and reduced IT costs.

The next-generation workstation infrastructure combines the centralized, mission-critical control and security of the data center with seamless, on-demand workstation performance, providing the flexibility to support professionals in multiple work locations. HPEs blade workstation is modeled on the HPE ProLiant blade server, an infrastructure that has demonstrated trading-floor-proven reliability.

The WS460c and the optional WS460c Graphics Expansion Blade provide for an improved user environment, better resource utilization, easy remote access, and real-time, remote collaboration between individuals and teams. It can transform your workstation environment to make your users more productive.

Based on Intel’s newest architecture and processor series, a broad range of new mezzanine and PCI express cards - such as the FX 880M (1 GB), FX 2800M (1 GB), FX 3800 (1 GB), FX 4800 (1.5 GB),and the FX 5800 (4.0GB) - the HPE ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade and the optional HPE WS460c Graphics Expansion Blade delivers high performance for demanding 2D and 3D applications. The WS460c’s graphics capabilities, expanded memory support (up to 192 GB per blade), and HPE Remote Graphics Software (RGS), enable users to complete large model visualizations with uncompromised workstation-class performance


  • Run multiple blade workstation sessions from a single client and connect to any data center to intelligently balance and shift compute resources in the event of problems.
  • Be prepared for incidents such as power loss and catastrophic disasters-with data center computing environments that can be accessed more securely, from any location, with a solution designed in partnership with and extensively tested by financial industry.