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HPE StorageWorks EVA6000

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HPE StorageWorks 6000 Enterprise Virtual Arrays offers mid-range to enterprise customers; high performance, high capacity and high availability "virtual" array storage solutions.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

HPE StorageWorks 6000 Enterprise Virtual Arrays offers mid-range to enterprise customers; high performance, high capacity and high availability "virtual" array storage solutions.


  • Reduce costs and complexity - The EVA6000 combined with HP StorageWorks Command View EVA software offers simplicity, security and automation of any SAN and lowers TCO. The EVA provides online LUN growth, easy dynamic capacity expansion, instantaneous data replication and optimized performance.
  • Robust, affordable small SAN solution: The EVA6000 Starter Kit includes EVA hardware and software, 8-146GB 10k rpm FC disks, XCS firmware, and 4TBs Command View licensing; for easy installation, use and scale. The EVA 6000 SAN Starter Kit includes all of the above from the Starter Kit, plus 4/8 Base SAN Switch, 4 FC2142 4Gb PCI-e HBA, and the EZpilot software.
  • Adapts real time - controllers with 2Gb and 4Gb connectivity, double the cache mirroring ports (from early EVAs) for improved I/O performance. Better virtualization ensures all the disks in the array are used efficiently; providing automated load leveling which eliminates stranded capacity, keeping drives busier, providing superior performance.
  • Online expansion, tiered storage and online XCS upgrades - Add physical disks online quickly to increase capacity without restrictions typically associated with capacity expansion on traditional arrays. Mix High Performance and FATA drives on the same enclosure for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Upgrade XCS online for the latest in features, functionality and availability enhancements.
  • Value - Investment protection: Virtualization improves performance, disk usage, and allows for easy dynamic expansion. Disks are added to groups and the EVA automatically distributes the data. The EVA also offers support for integrated iSCSI connectivity, IP Distance Gateway for Continuous Access EVA SAN over WAN and EVA File Services.
  • Virtually instantaneous Snapclone and capacity-free Snapshot (Vsnap) and Delta Resync (Mirrorclone): Allows immediate use of the clone copy, saving significant time. And provides a very efficient, low cost local data replication option. Saves disk space and improves disk efficiency and utilization.
  • High capacity: Supports up to 84TB today in a single cabinet and up to 120TB with an expansion cabinet of versatile storage capacity, with any combination of high performance Fibre Channel and/or low cost (500GB) FATA drives while supporting all Vraid types. Can quickly and easily add physical disks online.
  • Support: Ensures effectiveness of SAN deployment in multiple environments and delivers the proactive services required to help maintain a stable, highly available HP StorageWorks EVA solution.
  • Comprehensive SAN Management, Service and Support Tools and Customer Self Repair: Includes SAN management tools to improve service levels and meet customer flexibility requirements. HP Systems Insight Manager server-storage management application, HP Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) proactive remote monitoring for high availability, Customer Self Repair for improved EVA customer flexibility.