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HPE StoreFabric SN1200E 16Gb Dual Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (Q0L14A)

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Hypervisor 8.0
  • XenServer 7.0
  • XenServer 7.1 LTSR
  • XenServer 7.6


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

The HPE StoreFabric 16Gb Host Bus Adapters are designed to support ProLiant Servers with PCI-Express I/O slots to connect to Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage Arrays using the 16/8/4 Gb Fibre Channel protocol. The HPE 16GB Host Bus Adapters bring datacenter infrastructure components to a higher level of performance and efficiency with the ability to deliver twice the I/O performance of 8Gb HBAs at lower latency. A 16Gb FC HBA purchased today is backward compatible with 8 Gb and 4 Gb storage networks and will protect future investments. When using storage intensive applications, such as backup/restore, database transactions, virtualization, and rich media, the increased performance of the 16 Gb infrastructure enables more rapid storage and retrieval of critical information.


Delivers, up to six times the IOPS, twice the data throughput (MB/s) and cuts latency by half compared to 8Gb FC HBAs

  • Increased application and database transactions per second.
  • Enables faster large block transfers and increases the number of VMs that can be supported per server.

Support for greater Server Virtualization
Ideal for high density server virtualization environments

  • Enables more applications and VMs to run on a single server and Fibre Channel (FC) port.
  • Resulting in reduced cabling and a higher return on IT investment.

Provides HPE ProLiant Connectivity to HPE Storage and network
Robust interoperability testing

  • Provides an HPE-branded HBA solution which has undergone extensive HPE interoperability testing for connecting HPE ProLiant servers into HPE Storage and networking environments.
  • Optimal for connecting to The HPE 16GB FC edge/core network switches.

Smart SAN support

  • Smart SAN is a protocol agnostic application embedded in SAN components that enables the 3PAR to orchestrate configuration, settings and policies in a SAN.
  • HPE Smart SAN’s Target Driven Zoning enables to configure zones accurately in minutes and not in hours and its automatic discovery mechanism creates a powerful platform which would enable real-time diagnostics with self-healing in the near future.


  • The SN1200E enables I/O prioritization of physical or virtual server to a LUN or a group of LUNs ensuring priority delivery in high-traffic or congested storage networks.
  • Managed with the available Emulex OneCommand management software.

Active Health System

  • The consolidated health and service alerts with precise time stamping are synchronized to improve root cause diagnosis across systems and solution with this advanced system telemetry user can accurately troubleshoot and resolve problems faster.
  • It is completely agentless, Active Health doesn't impact application performance. All information collected by Active Health is logged securely, isolated from the operating system and separate from any user data.
  • The 16 Gb Single port and Dual port card supports HPE Active Health System in HPE ProLiant Servers