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Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) Series

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Hitachi Unified Storage 110, 130, and 150 is simple to manage, and optimized for critical business applications.

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  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Hitachi Unified Storage is a platform with Hitachi engineering, design and reliability, offering balanced scalability for data. Simple to manage, optimized for critical business applications. Hitachi Unified Storage is part of an integrated portfolio of storage solutions that can be managed from a single interface for optimal administrative efficiencies.

  • Comprehensive and integrated management for block, file and object data
  • High density storage which reduces footprint and energy costs
  • Automated data management with dynamic provisioning, dynamic load balancing and auto tiering
  • Scalability for capacity, performance, file systems and volumes

Hitachi Data Systems is simple to manage, optimized for critical business applications.


  • Total system capacity is doubled to 960 drives in the Hitachi Unified Storage 150 increasing the system capacity scalability to nearly 3PB.
  • Hitachi Copy-on-Write Snapshot software supports up to 1024 snapshots per LUN and 100,000 per system
  • Unified Storage provides up to 1024 snapshots per file system; with up to 125 file systems per file module cluster
  • Nearly unlimited (up to 16 million per directory) writable file level snapshots (file clones) for virtual machine and test environments
  • Use large 128TB volumes and 256TB file systems to simplify capacity management
  • File tiering and automated migration places the right data on the right tier for optimum storage economics
  • The entire system capacity can be remotely copied using Hitachi TrueCopy¨ Remote Replication or Hitachi TrueCopy¨ Extended Distance; alternatively, filesystem level asynchronous replication is available for more granular replication options
  • The software products have been redesigned to consume far less user cache when enabled
  • Optional data protection software includes new Hitachi Application Protector enabling application consistent snapshot protection for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint (see related StorFlash announcement)
  • Data in user cache is protected in onboard flash memory for unlimited time without the need for large batteries