Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1500

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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1500 provides the always-available, agile and automated foundation needed for a trusted continuous-cloud infrastructure.

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Product Details

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) G1500 provides the always-available, agile and automated foundation needed for a trusted continuous-cloud infrastructure. Powered with Hitachi global storage virtualization, its new software capabilities unlock IT agility and enable the lowest storage TCO.

Hitachi is delivering the combination of enterprise-ready software-defined storage, advanced global storage virtualization, and efficient, scalable, high-performance hardware. The combination enables the continuous operations, self-managing policy-driven management, and agile IT demanded by new breed of cloud applications.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform G1000 (VSP G1500) with Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operation System (SVOS) is the next generation of enterprise storage that redefines storage virtualization and resets customer expectations.

Global storage virtualization enables an always-on infrastructure. Enterprise-wide scalability provides a complete separation between host and storage independent of connectivity, location, storage system or vendor.

Customer-driven nondisruptive migration capability enables movement, copy and migration of data between storage systems, including 3rd-party storage systems, without interrupting application access and replication.

Integrated active mirroring enables volume extensibility between systems and across sites through the provisioning and management of active-active volumes up to 100 km apart.

Unified storage with enterprise scalability allows administrators to centrally manage large pools of storage across virtualized storage pools of SAN, NAS or object storage.


  • External SAN storage virtualization capability
  • Fully redundant architecture with no single point of failure and support for online hardware upgrades, hot preventive maintenance, and pro-active drive sparing.
  • 896 GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth 7th generation Hi-Star™ crossbar switch-based architecture
  • Hitachi NAS hardware-accelerated network protocols
  • Up to 8 virtual storage director pairs
  • Up to 8-node Hitachi NAS platform clusters
  • Up to 2TB global cache dynamically accessible by all connected hosts and Hitachi NAS nodes
  • Up to 192 Fibre Channel 8 Gb/sec or 96 Fibre Channel 16Gb/sec4 host ports or 176 IBM® FICON 8Gb/sec host ports or 176 Fibre Channel over Ethernet(FCoE)5 host ports and 4 x 10 Gb Ethernet per file module.
  • Virtual SAN ports (host groups) management
  • Hitachi NAS Platform nodes provide primary data deduplication using hardware-based SHA-256 calculation engines
  • Unlimited file clones
  • Latest 2.5 in. and 3.5 in. 6Gb/sec SAS drives with up to 2,304 drives in 6 19-inch standard racks.
  • Enterprise-level thin provisioning. Support of 128 pools with capacity of up to 12.3PB, capacity over provisioning, online volume growth, automated wide-stripping and pool (re)balancing.
  • Dynamic tiering within a single standalone system or across an entire heterogeneous storage pool and intelligent file tiering combined with automated migration.
  • Hitachi Accelerated Flash and native SVOS flash optimization.
  • Flexible Placement in Data Center: primary controller chassis (and connected drive chassis) can be installed up to 100 meters apart from secondary controller.