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HP t420 Thin Client (WES7)

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The HP t420 Thin Client (WES7) is an affordable cloud computing solution that delivers better reliability and easy deployment and use.

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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.6
  • XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR
  • XenDesktop 7.9


  • Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop)


Product Details

Citrix Ready Technical Qualified Details

Client firmware: 15WWDTCE3xx
Client OS Class: Windows
Client OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7, 32 bit
Certified on Citrix versions: XA 7.6, XD 7.6, XD7.6 LTSR, 7.9
Certified on HDX Levels: HDX Ready and HDX 3D Pro

You can find the certification criteria of the features under each HDX levels here.

Test Features Results
HDX Plug n Play – USB   PASS
HDX 2D Graphics – Server Rendered   PASS
HDX Voice - Generic Chat & Softphone Support   PASS
HDX Video Playback - Server Rendered Flash   PASS
HDX Video Playback – Server Rendered Windows Media   PASS
Print using Citrix Universal Printer Driver   PASS
HDX Plug-n-Play - Multi-Monitor Support (Multi 2D apps)   PASS
HDX Real Time Audio (VoIP)   PASS
HDX Media stream Flash Redirection   PASS
HDX Media stream Windows Media Redirection   PASS
HDX Real Time Webcam compression   PASS
Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack Support    NA*
HDX Smartcard Support   PASS
HDX Rich Graphics – 3D Pro   PASS
HDX Pixel Perfect Lossless Support   PASS
HDX Plug-n-Play - Multi-Monitor Support (Multi 3D apps)   PASS
Space Mouse Support   PASS

N/A *: the feature is supported with score lower than Citrix requirement due to hardware limitation.

The HP t420 Thin Client (WES7) is an affordable cloud computing solution that delivers better reliability and easy to deploy and use.

Get your choice of essential operating systems, support for VoIP with Microsoft Lync Unified Communications tools, and value-added integrated software from HP that helps you deploy, manage, and optimize your new systems.

Plan ahead with reliable flash memory storage and a fan-less design for ultra-quiet deployments. Choose a Global Series model and custom image to help ensure worldwide consistency. Rest easy with a two-year lifecycle and three-year limited warranty.

Install throughout your business - the modern 0.88 liter form factor complements and fits into a range of compact work spaces, and the integrated VESA mount enables mounting on a flat surface, or directly behind an HP ProDisplay.

Tailor your installation with the operating system of your choice—and enjoy simplified setup, deployment, and maintenance with HP Device Manager, a software tool available exclusively for HP Thin Clients.


  • Attach your HP Thin Client to the back of an HP ProDisplay, or bundle with a display and HP IWC Stand.
  • Pick the network connection technology that’s best for you with Gigabit Ethernet and support for 802.11n Wi-Fi.
  • Reduce power consumption and help lower your costs with an energy-efficient design.
  • Enjoy your everyday Microsoft Lync productivity tools.
  • Get right to work with the business-class USB keyboard and mouse.
  • Select HP ThinPro for full-featured Linux or HP Smart Zero Technology for simple management.
  • Let HP customize your thin clients with your choice of branding, applications, GUI, hardware compatibility, and more.