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Compatible with

  • XenDesktop 7.9

Product Details

FusionCube is an IT infrastructure that complies with open architecture standards for all-in-one computing and storage with preintegrated distributed storage engine, virtualization and cloud management software. This hyper-converged architecture supports on-demand resource scheduling and linear expansion. Reducing service rollout time from months to days, implementing flexible expansion, and dramatically improving operation efficiency make FusionCube ideal for enterprise private cloud, virtualization, and desktop cloud scenarios.

Appliance or converged infrastructure is a solution in which servers, storage devices, and switches are pre-installed and properly connected in a rack, which enables onestop delivery, household appliance-like installation, and one-click deployment for the purposes of convenience and time saving. FusionCube complies with an open architecture standard. Its core components include distributed storage engine, virtualization platform, and cloud management software.


  • Hyper-Converged Architecture for Diverse Platforms
    Optimized for service improvement, this innovative architecture condenses computing, storage, virtualization, and management into a single, user-friendly package. FusionCube meets the demand of different services for elastic configuration of computing, storage, and I/O resources with an array of nodes of varying density and performance. Perfect for cloud computing scenarios, FusionCube optimizes the IT infrastructure of a cloud data center to benefit from a vastly simplified purchase process and more rewarding IT investments.
  • Automated Deployment for Fast Service Rollout
    With one-stop delivery and out-of-the-box installation, users can roll out services as soon as the system is deployed. O&M personnel deploy services with just a mouse click on the GUI. Simplified O&M means the focus is now on service innovation and development.
  • Agile O&M on a Unified Platform
    The FusionCube management platform controls all physical and virtual resources, including switches, virtual machines (VMs), and storage volumes, in anything from a single cabinet to a massive data center. The management platform supports automatic hardware discovery and configuration, and expanding a cloud platform only requires adding new nodes, connecting their cables, and powering them on. In this way, FusionCube improves resource utilization and reduces follow-up O&M costs by up to 30%. The easy O&M lowers technical requirements for IT management personnel.
  • Distributed High-Speed Storage Engine to Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks
    The built-in distributed storage virtualizes and pools all local FusionCube storage resources into clusters. This cluster architecture eliminates performance and bandwidth bottlenecks of conventional RAID controllers for better reliability and scalability. Data is sliced and stored in built-in hard disks or SSD cards, improving storage utilization and performance. Advanced storage features, such as thin provisioning and linked clone, enable planning for future expansion as well as linear capacity expansion on demand, greatly reducing initial investment outlay.

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