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Huawei S5000T

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Huawei S5000T series are new generation of middle-range storage systems. Based on powerful hardware specifications.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Huawei S5000T series are new generation of storage systems. Based on powerful hardware specifications, S5000T consolidates multiple technologies including TurboModule that provides the ability of high density and hot swap I/O modules, and TurboBoost that provides triple performance boost, and energy saving technologies that provides three kinds of power saving technologies. The T series products can meet the requirements of large scale database including OLTP/OLAP, HPC, digital media, internet service providers, backup, disaster recovery, data migration and other scenarios.

Huawei S5000T series are new generation of middle-range storage systems. Based on powerful hardware specifications.


Performance and scalability

  • High-speed components: Equipped with 64bit multi-core processors and high-capacity data caches, a maximum of 36Gbs internal bandwidth, supporting 6Gb SAS 2.0 back-end ports.
  • Supporting multiple types of disks: FC/SAS/SATA/SSD.
  • Maximum 12 I/O modules: Maximum 48 I/O ports (including both frontend and backend ports), supporting 4/ 8Gb FC, 1/10GbE and 6Gb SAS2.0 ports. Self-developed TurboModule technologies can significantly increase the density of I/O modules and ports in a single enclosure, and provide a flexible configuration of frontend and backend I/O modules.
  • Triple performance boosting technology: High performance based on fixed hardware. Using TurboBoost to monitor hotspot data and migrate it to SSD, achieving several times of performance boosting. Using a full configuration of SSD to boost the performance to an ultra large scale. With this triple performance boost mechanism, users can upgrade the system performance on demand, lowering the TCO.
  • High cache mirroring bandwidth: The two controllers use an 8Gbs channel for cache mirroring.

Reliability and availability

  • Module hot swap: TurboModule technology provides the ability to swap I/O modules without powering off the controllers, totally transparent to hosts.
  • Cache data protection: The internal battery modules ensure that data in the cache is written to the coffer in case of a power failure.
  • Disk pre-copy technology: Faulty disks will be detected intelligently in advance and the data is migrated to hot spare disks to avoid data loss and save the time of the raid reconstruction.
  • Bad sector repair: Bad sectors can be repaired with the best effort, reducing the disk failure rate.
  • Rich data protection technologies: HyperImage provides snapshots, HyperCopy provides heterogeneous LUN copy, and HyperMirror provides synchronous and asynchronous remote replication.

Efficient, flexible, easy

  • Unified IO module: All the products use the same series of IO modules, which reduces TCO.
  • Enclosure with 24 disk slots: 2U/4U high-density disk enclosure(24 disks per enclosure, holding 12 2.5 inch disks in 1U on average, reducing the expansion cost by 60% compared with low-density enclosures.
  • Friendly management and maintenance: Supporting GUIs and CLIs, supporting alarm through sound, light, SMS or mail, supporting online upgrading firmware.