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OceanStor 18800F

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OceanStor 18800F is an Enterprise-Class Data Center Storage System.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Huawei OceanStor Enterprise Storage System adopts the Smart Matrix multi-controller architecture where 16 redundant controllers ensure stable system running and service continuity. Controllers adopt PCIe 2.0 full optical interconnection to implement safe and sound service failover between controllers. All hardware components and channels are redundant to perform independent fault detection, recovery, and isolation on each component and channel to further enhance system stability.

The OceanStor Enterprise Storage System boasts unparalleled scalability. Both storage capacity and computing performance can be expanded online and on demand. Based on the Smart Matrix Architecture, each system houses up to 3216 disks with a maximum of 7 PB storage capacity. In addition, each system provides up to 3 TB cache, and 192 Fibre Channel or iSCSI ports.

As for expansion, the OceanStor Enterprise Storage System adopts the 4S technologies. Scale-up expands the storage capacity and processing performance of existing controllers. Scale-out enables linear performance increase as storage capacity grows. Scale-deep consolidates storage space from third-party devices. Scale-in fully explores systems internal potentials, raising host volumes performance and storage capacity without adding any hardware resources. Therefore, the storage system can infinitely adapt to service needs.

The OceanStor Enterprise Storage System is also a distributed multicontroller storage system whose controllers can be expanded from 2 to 16 without interrupting services. In total, eight system bays and two disk bays can be deployed. An system bay can pack a maximum of 192 3.5-inch disks or 408 2.5-inch disks and a disk bay can pack a maximum of 192 3.5-inch disks.

The OceanStor Enterprise Storage System offers a wide range of disk options including speedy enterprise-class SSDs and 2 TB NL-SAS disks. It also integrates 8 Gbit/s Fibre Channel ports and 10 Gbit/s Ethernet ports used for FCoE and iSCSI connections.


OceanStor 18800F is an Enterprise-Class Data Center Storage System.


Secure and Reliable

  • Smart Matrix Architecture: The innovative architecture provides up to 16 redundant controllers to ensure stable system running and permanent service continuity.
  • Core service assurance: SmartQoS and SmartPartition ensure that sufficient resources are allocated for mission-critical services to meet their performance requirements.
  • Comprehensive DR solution: The solution delivers the lowest recovery point objective (RPO) to ensure business service continuity.

Scalable and Efficient

  • All-around expansion technologies: The 4S technologies (scale-up, scaleout, scale-deep, and scale-in) deliver flexible system expansion that enables performance and capacity to automatically improve as services grow, meeting increasing requirements in the coming 10 years.
  • Unrivalled performance and specifications: Specifications including 1 million IOPS, ms-level latency, 16 controllers, 7 PB capacity, and 3 TB cache meet performance and capacity requirements of heavily loaded applications.
  • Easy adaptation to virtualization trends: The architectures compliance with extensive virtualization standards improves the storage efficiency, data protection, and management capability in virtual environments.