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OceanStor S2200T

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The OceanStor S2200T storage system is a brand new storage product designed for enterprise's entry-level storage applications.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

OceanStor S2200T features hardware specifications and incorporates various advanced technologies including enriched interface, hot-swappable I/O module, powerful system performance optimization, and diversified data protection technology.

It can meet ever increasing and complicated requirements on the following applications while costing only the price of entry-level products without compromising service security and continuity. The aforementioned applications include database OLTP/OLAP.

The OceanStor S2200T storage system is a brand new storage product designed for enterprises entry-level storage applications.


High Flexibility and Scalability

  • Hardware specifications: 64-bit multi-core processors and high-speed cache, up to 16GB/s bandwidth for internal data exchange, SAS 2.0 wide-port back-end channels. Eliminating hardware bottleneck.
  • Multiple disk types: Supports SAS, NL SAS, and SATA disks for on-demand configuration.
  • Multiple host connectivity: Supports both iSCSI and FC host interface, intermixing of FC SAN and IP SAN networking. Increasing storage resource sharing, IT infrastructure utilization and cost-effectiveness.
  • Powerful scalability: Supports 12 x 1Gbs iSCSI ports and 8 x 8 Gbit/s FC ports. Supports up to 256 hosts with a maximum of 204 hard disks, meeting the capacity expansion requirements of small and medium businesses.

High Reliability and Availability

  • I/O module hot swap: Hot-swappable controllers, fans, power supplies, I/O modules, BBUs, and disk modules, on-line swap without affecting ongoing services. In addition, it supports online I/O module expansion.
  • Power failure protection: Embedded battery modules automatically flush cache data into coffer disks for protection upon unexpected power failures.
  • Disk pre-copy technology: The S2200T proactively checks for failing disks and migrates the data for protection, reducing risk of system degradation and data loss.
  • Advanced data protection technology: The S2200T provides a rich set of data protection measures, including the HyperImage and HostAgent technologies for instant snapshot and data recovery, the HyperCopy technology for local data backup and recovery, and for remote data backup and disaster recovery.

Efficiency, Economy, and Ease-of-Use

  • Affordable acquisition cost: The S2200T offers the performance, scalability, and features possessed by mid-range storage systems at affordable entry-level price
  • Scale on-demand: The S2200T supports on-demand expansion starting from a minimum initial configuration, allows users to expand the system capacity up to 204 disks to meet ever increasing and complicated storage requirements.
  • Easy-of-use management and maintenance tools: Users can complete S2200T basic configuration in five steps on the Integrated System Manager (ISM), which also supports the alarm notification by sound, indicator, SMS, and email as well as one-click online firmware upgrade to reduce operation costs.

Green Storage

  • Disk spin down: Lowers overall power consumption by approximately 40% by implementing automatic disk spin-down according to the workload.
  • 16-level intelligent fan speed control: Intelligently tunes the fans power consumption and noises by adjusting their rotational speeds, improving system adaptability to the environment.
  • Intelligent CPU frequency control: Automatically adjusts the CPU operating frequency according to the workload, lowering overall power consumption.
  • Economical power supplies: Supports AC or DC power supply for varied power requirements. The S2200T can reduce overall power consumption by adopting more effective DC power supply.