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OceanStor S5900

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Huawei OceanStor S5900 unified storage system is a new-generation storage product for mid-range storage applications.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2
  • XenServer 6.1


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

The storage system is a new generation storage system developed by based on the current industry environment and development trend. The storage system combines various protocols,and diversified management interfaces. It is based on the hardware specifications and integrates such high-end technologies as high density disk design, TurboModule flexible interface module and hot swap design, TurboBoost three-level performance boost technology, and multi-layer data protection technology.

The storage system satisfies the increasingly complicated storage requirements of various service applications at a low cost, such as database online transaction processing, digital media, Internet operation, centralized storage, backup, disaster recovery, and data migration, effectively ensuring the security and continuity of user services.


High Performance and Scalability


Equipped with 64 bit multi-core processors and large capacity data caches.
Supporting 6 Gbit/s SAS 2.0 expansion ports, minimizing the hardware bandwidth bottlenecks.

Optimal scalability and flexibility Self developed TurboModule technologies can significantly increase the density of interface modules and ports in a single enclosure, and provide a flexible number proportioning and slots layout of host and expansion interface modules, significantly reducing maintenance cost.

TurboBoost technology Performance boosting empowered by high performance hardware components of latest technologies; SmartCache monitors hotspot data and cache it to SSDs automatically, achieving several times of performance boosting; Further boosting the performance by using the all SSD RAID group configuration to increase the performance to an ultra high level. With these three-level performance boosting mechanisms, users can upgrade the system performance on demand, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

High-speed cache mirroring bandwidth The cache mirroring between dual controllers is processed by a dedicated high-speed channel. This eliminates the bottlenecks of data exchange between the dual controllers

High Reliability and Availability

TurboModule technology TurboModule technology provides hot swap capability to controllers, fans, power modules, interface modules, BBUs, disk modules. Part replacement is totally transparent to hosts. TurboModule technology enables expansion and maintenance.

Cache data protection The BBUs ensure that data in the cache is written to the data coffer in case of a power failure, increasing overall reliability.

Disk pre-copy technology Faulty disks are detected in advance and data on the disks to be faulty is migrated to normal disks to avoid the RAID group reconstruction and extend disk life.

Bad sector repair Bad sectors are repaired with best effort, reducing the disk failure rate by 50% or above.

Rich data protection technologies

  • The virtual snapshot technology can implement quick data backup.
  • The cross-platform LUN copy technology achieves data protection among heterogeneous storage systems.
  • The remote replication technology fulfills remote data backup for disaster recovery

High system security

Security of management channels The management operations from physical ports are controlled by the access authentication mechanism of the storage system, and only authorized users are allowed to manage the storage system.

Security of the operating system The storage systems native operating system has past the compatibility test and vulnerability scanning test. Therefore, the operating system has wide compatibility and no high-risk vulnerability exists.

Anti-attack protection for protocols and ports The storage system provides only necessary ports to the external for system operations and maintenance. All the ports used are listed in the Communication Matrix. Dynamic listening ports are functioning in the proper scope, and no unopened port exists.

Security of system management and maintenance The operations of users can be allowed and denied. All management operations are logged by the system.

Encrypted data transfer On an iSCSI network, the VPN with the Data Encryption Standard (DES) function is used for encrypting data transfer of remote replication and LUN copy among storage systems, enhancing the data transfer security.

Effective, Economic, and Easy-to-Use

Thin provisioning Thin provisioning technology supports automatic capacity expansion, which improves storage utilization. This also enables you to purchase products that meet your current requirements only, reducing initial purchase cost and TCO.

User-friendly interface and easy management and maintenance

  • Initial configuration on the ISM takes only 5 steps.
  • Alarm notification by sound, light, short message, and email.
  • Storage system can be upgraded online.


  • Disk spin-down Idle disks are spinned down, reducing power costs by 40%.
  • Intelligent 16-step fan speed control Based on the current system temperature, the system can adjust the fan speed to reduce power costs and noises.
  • Intelligent CPU frequency adjusting Based on system workload, the system can adjust the CPU frequency, reducing power costs.