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HYCU Smart Plug-in for Citrix ADC

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Comtrade SPI for Citrix NetScaler is an availability and performance management solution that extends end-to-end service monitoring capabilities by fully integrating services tree, health and performance data into the HP Operations Manager console.

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Compatible with

  • NetScaler 10.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.0 SDX
  • NetScaler 10.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.1 SDX
  • NetScaler 10.1 VPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 SDX
  • NetScaler 10.5 VPX
  • NetScaler 11.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 11.0 SDX
  • NetScaler 11.0 VPX
  • NetScaler Gateway 11.0


  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler ADC)
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

HYCU Smart Plug-in for Citrix ADC, formerly NetScaler provides operations overview across the entire Citrix ADC estate and enables delivery of effective business service management.

SPI for Citrix ADC offers complete graphical representation of Citrix environment and its hierarchical organization, which clearly indicates relations between Citrix ADC environment components, how they impact one another, and which business services are affected.

SPI for Citrix ADC automates routine administration to improve service levels, increase efficiencies and achieve greater control of the IT environment.


  • Quick deployment and simple upgrades
  • Accelerates problem resolution
  • Easily identifies and resolves network-specific issues
  • Works across physical and virtual Citrix ADC appliances
  • Deep monitoring of key virtual servers and services
  • Intuitive services tree discovery of internal Citrix ADC components
  • Scale management responsibility across infrastructure and organization
  • Agent less monitoring architecture

HYCU SPI for Citrix ADC is tested with Citrix ADC 9.3, 10.0 and 10.1.


Services Tree Discovery

Automatically discovers and visualizes the topology of Citrix ADC devices based on a defined Citrix ADC device model and is used as a base for Citrix ADC component discovery.


HYCU SPI for Citrix ADC monitors many components "out of the box" and is designed to be extendable to meet custom monitoring requirements.


HYCU SPI for Citrix ADC provides the tool for services tree discovery: NSSPI-Force Service Model Update Performs Citrix ADC Service Model Discovery on demand.


HYCU SPI for Citrix ADC also offers graphing functionality, where collected performance data can be represented in near real‐time graphs. It integrates with the HP Operations Manager for Windows graphing component (Performance Manager Lite) and with the HP Performance Manager products.

Service Map

HYCU SPI for Citrix ADC automatically generates a Citrix ADC service map of the Citrix ADC enterprise configuration, which offers complete graphical representation of Citrix environment and its hierarchical organization. All Citrix ADC object types (network interfaces, VLANs, channels, Access Gateway virtual servers, authentication servers, SSL certificates) in your environment are displayed in a tree view, which shows the components and their hierarchical dependencies.