I-O Corporation

Founded in 1977, I-O Corporation is a Utah-based company located south of downtown Salt Lake City and on the outskirts of Utah Valley commonly referred to as 'Little Silicon Valley.' There are quite a few tech based companies located in this area and we are one of them. For so many years, we have made our living at I-O in the centralized and virtualized computing space. I-O Corporation products have continued to support the IBM Host Printing and Connectivity world and our recent PCoIP Zero Clients, Host Cards, and Thin Clients support the new world of Virtual and Cloud Desktop Computing. I-O Corporation are business partners with IBM, Citrix, and Microsoft and strive to meet the Server & Desktop virtualization needs of the 21st Century. It is anticipated that this will continue to be a mainstream business opportunity for quite some time to come

For more information visit our web site at http://www.iocorp.com/.