IAM Technology Group Ltd

IAM Cloud creates software to to help make life in the cloud easier for IT teams and organizations as a whole. Our technology helps create bridges between applications, platforms and users.

Our flagship product, Cloud Drive Mapper, helps organizations to adopt OneDrive and SharePoint storage more effectively in their organization and is especially valuable for Citrix customers. It allows organizations to map drives directly to OneDrive, SharePoint Online and MS Teams without needing the OneDrive sync client or any sync processes at all. Cloud Drive Mapper leverages your single sign-on solution (e.g. ADFS, Azure SSO, Okta, OneLogin, IAM Cloud SSO etc) to be able to provide a seamless drive experience to the users. This makes utilizing OneDrive or SharePoint within your Citrix VDI desktop or published application very easy and effective. Cloud Drive Mapper's configuration and deployment process is flexible and IT-friendly and allows for a wide range of methods from scripting, to GPO, SCCM, and Intune. And as with all of our products, it's fully supported for no additional cost by an expert team of engineers who'll happily go the extra mile in making sure you can get Cloud Drive Mapper set-up and deployed exactly the way you want it.

IAM Cloud are also creators of:

  • IAM Cloud SSO - A lightweight, affordable but very powerful SSO and MFA solution.
  • Lift&Shift - A SaaS-based Office 365 data migration platform
  • IDx - A global identity exchange, which allows you to connect identities between multiple systems to create powerful identity provisioning workflows from an HR system to your applications, or between your custom app and your CRM.
  • Surpass - A cloud-based password management and self-service reset tool, that allows users to securely reset their passwords in the cloud and securely synchronize it back to Active Directory.

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