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IBM® Security Trusteer® Apex Advanced Malware Protection

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Trusteer Apex provides protection against unknown, zero-day threats and advanced malware, without impacting user productivity.

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Compatible with

  • Citrix Receiver for Windows
  • XenApp 6.0


  • Citrix Workspace app (Receiver)
  • Citrix Virtual Apps (XenApp)

Product Details

IBM Security Trusteer Apex protects employees’ endpoints, managed and unmanaged, against advanced malware by stopping zero-day exploits and data exfiltration. Trusteer Apex prevents endpoint compromise and blocks key-logging, screen capturing and application tampering, protecting credentials and sensitive data from theft by cybercriminals.

IBM Trusteer Apex Advanced Malware Protection delivers:

  • A multi-layered defense - Endpoint security approach is both preemptive and multilayered. It prevents both known and unknown vulnerabilities through multiple defenses at strategic chokepoints of the attack lifecycle.
  • Lower operational impact - Endpoint protection approach is not a burden, nor does it cause a management tax on the IT security team or the end user.
  • Dynamic Intelligence - Endpoint security approach utilizes intelligence gathered from 100 million endpoints and research so that new protections can be incorporated rapidly as new threats emerge.


Key Capabilities

  • Delivers broad endpoint protections that break the Threat Lifecycle at Strategic Chokepoints
  • Prevents malware infections via zero-day exploits
  • Blocks malicious malware communication from infected computers
  • Stops malicious Java code that bypasses OS-level controls
  • Protects corporate credentials from phishing schemas and exposure through third party breach
  • Provides in depth visibilty into the organization’s risk posture and vulnerabilty status

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