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By IGEL Technology

This product is compatible with

  • Citrix Receiver Linux
  • CloudBridge 7.0
  • CloudBridge 7.1
  • CloudBridge 7.2
  • CloudBridge 7.2 (1000WS)
  • CloudBridge 7.2 (2000WS)
  • CloudBridge 7.3
  • CloudBridge 7.3 (1000WS)
  • CloudBridge 7.3 (2000WS)
  • CloudBridge 7.4
  • HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 1.8
  • XenApp 7.0
  • XenApp 7.1
  • XenApp 7.5
  • XenApp 7.6
  • XenDesktop 7.0
  • XenDesktop 7.1
  • XenDesktop 7.5
  • XenDesktop 7.6

Product Details

Citrix Ready Technical Qualified Details

Client firmware: UD6-LX 51c 5.07.1000.01
Client OS Class: Linux
Client OS: Ubuntu Linux / x86
Certified on Citrix versions: XD 7.6 FP3, XA 7.6 FP3, CB 7.4, Receiver for Linux 13.1.4, RTOP 1.8
Certified on HDX Levels: HDX Ready, HDX Premium, HDX 3D Pro

You can find the certification criteria of the features under each HDX levels here.

Test Features Results
HDX Plug n Play – USB   PASS
HDX 2D Graphics – Server Rendered   PASS
HDX Voice - Generic Chat & Softphone Support   PASS
HDX Video Playback - Server Rendered Flash   PASS
HDX Video Playback – Server Rendered Windows Media   PASS
Print using Citrix Universal Printer Driver   PASS
HDX Plug-n-Play - Multi-Monitor Support (Multi 2D and 3D apps)   PASS
HDX Real Time Audio (VoIP)   PASS
HDX Media stream Flash Redirection   PASS
HDX Media stream Windows Media Redirection   PASS
HDX Real Time Webcam compression   PASS
Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack Support   PASS
HDX Smartcard Support   PASS
HDX Rich Graphics – 3D Pro   PASS
HDX Pixel Perfect Lossless Support   PASS
Space Mouse Support   PASS


Maximum performance for maximum requirements, IGEL's most powerful hardware series sets a new standard in thin client computing. Because of its fast quad-core processor and flexible expansion capability, the UD6 is the device of choice for the most demanding use scenarios. Video playback in Full HD, computer-aided design (CAD) or 3D applications – none pose the slightest problem for the new high-end model. Outfitted with multiple interfaces, including USB 3.0 and PCIe slot, the UD6 series offers you everything on your wish list.

Operating System: IGEL Linux
The most cost effective operating system with better performance. Operating System: IGEL Linux comes with a broad set of local protocol clients and tools giving the user the possibility to access the needed application with the best protocol. IGEL’s embedded Linux offers maximum stability and security. Having a strong in house development IGEL customers can be sure to get always the newest updates and features integrated in a rock-solid firmware.


  • Maximum Performance: The highest processor and graphics performance for the most demanding tasks, e.g., Flash multimedia, CAD applications, video playback in Full HD.
  • Free PCIe slot: Customize the UD6 for individual needs via PCIe expansion cards, e.g., fiber optic network cards.
  • Dualview support: Parallel use of two digital monitors with a DVI and a DisplayPort.
  • Integrated smartcard reader (optional): Better for highly secure two factor authentication and fast login.
  • Connectivity bar (optional): Expand your device with a parallel port and WLAN or an anti-theft USB port.
  • No moving parts, e.g. cooling fans: Because it contains no moving parts, the UD6 makes almost no noise, is nearly failsafe and produces minimal heat – even with high-performance usage


  • IGEL Universal Management Suite included
  • Extended 5-Year-Warranty
  • Form Factor: Standard Desktop
  • CPU: Intel Celeron J1900 1,99 - 2,42 GHz Quad-Core
  • Chipset: Intel Bay Trail SoC
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Flash: 2 GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Video Memory: 64 - 512 MB
  • Max. Resolution (Dualview | DVI-I): 1920 x 1080
  • Max. Resolution (DisplayPort): 2560 x 1600
  • Power Consumption (Idle | Sleep Mode): 8W | 1W
  • Power Supply: external

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