Imprivata® provides authentication, access management and secure communications solutions that increase workflow efficiency and improve productivity. More than 8 million licensed users at over 3,000 organizations globally rely on Imprivata’s solutions to quickly and securely access to systems, applications and information. Imprivata OneSign® offers single sign-on and authentication management that eliminate the need for users to repeatedly type usernames and passwords. By delivering fast, secure No Click Access® to workstations, applications and virtual desktops, Imprivata OneSign improves efficiency and productivity while ensuring compliance with security and regulatory requirements. Imprivata Cortext® is a secure communication platform for healthcare that improves collaboration and care team coordination at health systems, accountable care organizations, physician practices, long-term care facilities or other healthcare organizations. Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to use a single platform for multi-site communication across their hospital, clinic, rehab center or nursing home. It also improves workflows by eliminating inefficiencies caused by outdated technologies such as pagers.

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