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Citrix Ready solutions for the healthcare vertical provide clinicians with seamless, instant and secure access to patient information and hence optimize patient care

Anytime, anywhere access to data to improve the clinicians mobility while reducing delivery costs

Healthcare organizations place a high priority on providing employees with seamless, secure access to the applications and data needed to deliver optimal patient care. Citrix app and desktop virtualization solutions enable healthcare institutions in implementing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions in their IT environment in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

Healthcare institutions integrate Citrix Ready verified dictation and imaging solutions, etc. within their EHR environment that allows clinicians such as visiting nurses, physicians and consultants with instant and secure access to key resources.

Simplifying app delivery to improve clinician workflows and implement flex-work to increase employee productivity

Citrix Windows apps solutions help organizations in securely delivering business apps, which are predominantly Windows based, to diverse mobile devices, especially tablets and smartphones.

With the help of Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management technology, organizations can implement BYOD and empower the clinicians to use whatever devices they choose, wherever they want. This inturn also reduces IT overheads and operational costs. In addition, clinicians rely on various Citrix Ready verified hardware and software authentication management solutions to mitigate security risks.

Embrace mobility to enable secure patient care without compromising data security and compliance

Delivering patient care anywhere, anytime makes healthcare more efficient, and therefore, more cost-effective in providing better results. Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management solutions are transforming the healthcare industry by providing the clinicians with anytime, anywhere access to apps and services which help in quick decision making and coordination amongst the staff and thereby, providing optimal patient care.

By leveraging Citrix Mobile device management (MDM) solutions, organizations can efficiently protect sensitive patient and business information by controlling the mobile apps that can be used, and remotely wiping lost or stolen devices.