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Enhance business productivity without compromising on data security or access control

Explore Citrix Ready verified devices and solutions for Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, Receiver and more

Audio Devices and Foot Switches

Audio devices are often connected to the endpoints and allow users to play, record or modify sound inputs to the desktops and applications. Foot switches enable you to control various industrial processes in a Citrix environment while keeping the operator free to perform other functions.

Explore Citrix Ready verified audio devices and foot switches like Speakerphones, Headsets, Dictation, other recording devices and more.

Payment and Drawing Solutions

Payment and Drawing Solutions are peripherals used in various transactional or creative workflows by interacting with the Citrix session using various digital pen technologies. These devices can be used for drawing, taking handwritten notes, viewing documents, signing documents electronically or paying bills using a credit card.

Explore Citrix Ready verified Signature Pads, Pin Pads, Payment Terminals, Display Tablets and Drawing tablets.

Security Devices

Security devices enable you to control the access to your desktops, apps and business sensitive data using Citrix technologies. These devices enable security features with easy inbuilt systems such as the tap of a card or the touch of a finger without breaking any compliance regulations.

Explore Citrix Ready verified security devices like Smart Cards, Smart Tokens, Biometric Devices, Flash Drives and more.