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Explore Citrix Ready verified devices and solutions for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Receiver and more

Audio and Dictation Switches

Audio devices are often connected to the endpoints and allow users to play, record, and modify sound inputs to desktops and applications. Foot switches enable you to control various industrial processes in a Citrix environment while keeping the operator free to perform other functions.

Explore Citrix Ready verified audio devices and foot switches such as speakerphones, headsets, dictation machines, and other recording devices.

Payment and Drawing Solutions

Payment and drawing solutions are peripherals used in various transactional and creative workflows. These peripherals can help you securely design CAD models in a Citrix Workspace using digital pen technologies, sign digital documents, take handwritten notes, scan barcodes, and swipe credit cards for payment.

Explore Citrix Ready verified Signature Pads, Pin Pads, Payment Terminals, Display Tablets and Drawing tablets.

Access Control Devices

Access control devices diversify ways to access the Citrix Workspace. These devices perform authorization, identification, authentication, access approval and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords, PINs (personal identification numbers), biometric scans and physical or electronic keys. With Citrix SDP (secure digital perimeter), you can securely access your desktops, apps, and business sensitive data through Citrix Ready verified access control devices from any endpoint and any location.

Explore Citrix Ready verified access control devices such as Smart Cards, Smart Tokens, Biometric Devices, Flash Drives and more.