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Enabling organizations to optimize server virtualization for all workloads

Explore Citrix Ready verified servers and solutions for Citrix Hypervisor and Citrix Virtual Desktops

Servers and Server Components

A fundamental requirement of application and desktop virtualization is to have a comprehensive server virtualization platform, with enterprise-class features built in, to easily handle storage, networking configurations, different workload types, and mixed operating systems.

Citrix Hypervisor, formerly Citrix XenServer, delivers the best-in-class performance and optimizes the performance for application and desktop virtualization with an integrated platform for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, formerly Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, on any server form factor and CPU type.

Citrix Ready verifies multiple form factors such as rack server, blade server and tower server with Citrix Hypervisor. In addition, we verify server components, so you can rapidly save, copy, and provision a virtual machine that enables zero-downtime maintenance and supports new go-live initiatives.

Graphic Accelerated Servers

Servers supporting GPU Passthrough and vGPU technologies allow Citrix to centrally deliver intensive 3D application graphics with Citrix Virtual Desktops and Citrix Hypervisor solution stack. These solutions enable secure, real-time, remote collaboration on design data with better performance by centrally hosting 3D applications and data.

Explore Citrix Ready verified server solutions for various industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and mining—primarily the places where CAD, CAM, GIS, and 3D rendering is heavily used.