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Private Certificate Authority Gleas

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Private Certificate Authority Gléas is designed for secure administration of digital certificate and easy-import for Windows, iOS, macOS, Android devices. Gléas has compatible with Citrix ADC, Citrix Workspace and other SSL-VPN, VDI, network products.

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Compatible with

  • Citrix ADC 13.0 VPX
  • Citrix ADC 13.0 MPX
  • Citrix Gateway 13.0
  • NetScaler 10.5 MPX
  • NetScaler 10.5 VPX
  • NetScaler 11.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 11.1 VPX
  • NetScaler 12.0 MPX
  • NetScaler 12.0 VPX
  • NetScaler 12.1 MPX
  • NetScaler 12.1 VPX
  • NetScaler Gateway 10.5
  • NetScaler Gateway 11.1
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.0
  • NetScaler Gateway 12.1


  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler ADC)
  • Citrix Gateway (NetScaler Gateway)

Product Details

Private Certificate Authority Gléas is the appliance that issue and manage digital certificate (client certificate, server certificate and computer certificate). Gléas has flexible template. Even if you have less knowledge about PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), you can appropriate certificate management with our consulting and professional support.

For the trust of certificate authentication, the way of delivery of client certificate is very important. Gléas has various ways of deliver, web browser method, App method, API method, Over the Air method, smart card method and so on.

Our user: Gléas is used by enterprises, universities, public sector, hospitals, mass medias, conforming to their security standard.

Various usage: Gléas adds to certificate subject values that required by various authentication servers using Template function customised for each user. Digital certificates issued by Gléas are used in SAML, Shibboleth, RADIUS, Kerberos and other authentication protocols.