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Lenovo System x3950 M2

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The Lenovo System x3950 M2 are built on the power of the latest eX4 Architecture, which is the fourth generation of the IBM Enterprise X-Architecture® technology.

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Compatible with

  • XenServer 6.0
  • XenServer 6.0.2


  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Lenovo System x3950 M2 delivers 64-bit framework for high-performance scalable computing, the Lenovo System x3950 M2 are built on the power of the latest eX4 Architecture, which is the fourth generation of the Lenovo Enterprise X-Architecture® technology. eX4 Architecture drives the x3950 M2 to deliver the performance, availability, expandability, and manageability required for the next generation of servers.

The x3950 M2 combine four-socket 64-bit performance, the latest Intel® Xeon dual-core or quad-core processors, more flexible XpandOnDemand modular scalability, and enhanced mission-critical availability to deliver an optimized (enterprise or on-demand) solution for scale-up virtualization, database, mid-tier application services or terminal services.

With its extensive chipset development experience, performance, and availability breakthroughs, Lenovo is uniquely positioned to propose a robust and powerful server, offering innovation that delivers real business and IT results.

The x3950 M2 also has four processor sockets and up to 32 DIMM sockets, x3950 M2 can also be connected to other x3950 M2 systems to form a single-image multinode complex.


  • The x3950 M2 provides an uncomplicated, cost-effective and highly flexible solution. With the ability to scale up to 64 cores while maintaining balanced performance between the processors, memory and I/O, the x3950 M2 can easily accommodate business expansion and the resulting need for additional application space.
  • Unique flexibility of the configurations allows the system to populate a minimum of two CPUs per chassis for additional access to memory and I/O that addresses an organization’s specific application requirements.
  • The system’s optimized design improves software features and hardware functionality. Deploying multi-chassis configurations is now simpler and easier, helping organizations reduce the time it takes to deploy a new chassis, or boot a system. The x3950 M2 accommodates easier firmware upgrades and can help make updates easier and more efficient.
  • Cable management is simplified by virtually eliminating the systems management network cable and incorporating in-band management in the scalability cable. Reduced cabling helps manage growth and complexity.