Login VSI maximizes the end-user experience for all digital workspaces. Our flagship product, Login Enterprise is an automated testing platform that predicts performance, ensures business continuity and reduces risk. Login Enterprise tests the desktop and applications as a whole, from pre-production thru to production. Login Enterprise includes standard “out-of-the-box” application template workloads. Login VSI has over 400 customers in 50 countries. For more information, visit www.loginvsi.com.

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Product Details

An optimal end-user experience is a critical success factor for all SBC, VDI and DaaS deployments. Login VSI Inc. provides synthetic testing and offers a complete software solution to maximize and safeguard the performance, scalability, and availability of applications and virtual desktop environments, including cloud. Login VSI Inc. is 100% vendor-independent and their products are used in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD).

Login Enterprise Delivers:

Performance/Availability Testing
Login Enterprise continuously tests the availability and performance of infrastructure, virtual desktops (including cloud) and applications from one or more locations. It proactively alerts on performance degradation or availability disruptions. Login Enterprise can show trends in performance allowing you to take the necessary steps on time to maintain an excellent user experience.

Load Testing
Applications largely define the end-user experience and productivity on any desktop infrastructure and a typical digital workplace is comprised of many applications. Changes in either the applications, the desktop configuration or the underlying infrastructure can greatly impact their performance. In practice, many potential bottlenecks or changes in behavior only manifest themselves when the system is under high load. Login Enterprise enables enterprises to quickly identify potential performance issues by measuring and comparing application load times and application responsiveness. Our synthetic users log on to a desktop, start and interact with the applications and measure the responsiveness. Login VSI products are the industry-standard in benchmark and load testing for business applications in the enduser computing environments. Our load testing spans key business-critical applications, as well as virtualization solutions from Citrix and Microsoft. Login VSI is used to right-size production environments at the lowest cost while maximizing desktop and application performance.

Compatibility Testing 
Login Enterprise automatically tests the compatibility of applications after updates to their desktop images. Login Enterprise delivers plain and simple reports that enable you to make quick decisions on whether to move forward with a change or dive deeper into a specific application to see what the potential issues might be. Login Enterprise catches productivity problems early in the change management process, tests many applications a day, and prevents breaking changes from reaching production systems. It increases the effectiveness of the change management process and prevents loss of end-user experience.


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