MacroSAN Technologies Co.,Ltd

MacroSAN Technologies Co., Ltd. ("MacroSAN" for short) is a Chinese high-tech enterprise that integrates product R&D, production, marketing and service. Headquartered in Hangzhou, it has R&D centers in Hangzhou and Shenzhen and has set up branches in 26 provincial capitals and municipalities directly under the Central Government across the country. Moreover, R&D personnel accounts for 55% of the employees of the company.

With over ten years of R&D experience and technology accumulation in the storage field, MacroSAN launched a full range of MS series storage products, thereby becoming one of the few high-tech enterprises in the world that are capable of conducting R&D of a complete series of low- to high-end products and solutions. In consideration of Chinese users' characteristics, MacroSAN launches CRAID, IDDC, ICMT and other storage technologies, provides distinctive solutions in such fields as data center, cloud storage and big data, and thus has become a domestic enterprise in professional storage technology.

MacroSAN's products and solutions are widely applied in all sectors of society such as government ministries, medical, educational and scientific research institutes, energy and transportation industries, and large-scale enterprises. In addition, they are extensively applied to national-level e-government intranets, the "Two Cities & Three Centers" data backup system of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the cloud disaster recovery service platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the educational e-government construction project of the Ministry of Education, Yonyou Software, China North Industries Group Corporation, etc.

Based on its professional storage and data management platform, MacroSAN adheres to the policy of opening up and cooperation and is willing to build innovative IT platforms and solutions along with users from all industries, service providers, software developers and industry application developers and integrators, thereby achieving the "China Dream" in the professional storage field.

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