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MOVE AV Multi-Platform v3.6

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McAfee® MOVE AntiVirus Multi-Platform is an anti-virus solution for virtual environments that removes the need to install an anti-virus application on every virtual machine (VM), yet provides the protection and performance adequate for your organization requirements.

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  • Citrix Hypervisor (XenServer)

Product Details

Traditional security solutions for virtual environments run as an anti-virus application on every VM on the hypervisor. This setup places a heavy burden on disk, CPU, and memory usage and results in reduced VM density per hypervisor.

The Multi-Platform deployment option offloads all scanning to a dedicated VM - an offload scan server that runs McAfee®  VirusScan®  Enterprise software. Guest VMs are no longer required to run anti-virus software locally, which results in improved performance for anti-virus scanning, and increased VM density per hypervisor.

McAfee MOVE AV Multi-Platform 3.6 supports both on-access and on-demand scanning:

On-access scanning - Examines files on your computer as they are accessed, providing continuous, real-time detection of threats.

On‑demand scanning - Examines all files on virtual machines for potential threats. On‑demand scans supplement the continuous protection of on‑access scanning. You can also schedule regular scans at times that do not interfere with your work.

MOVE AntiVirus brings advanced malware protection to your virtualized environments, and integrates real-time threat intelligence with security management across your physical and virtual infrastructure.


MOVE AntiVirus features are important for your organization's system security, protection, and performance.

Centralized management

MOVE AntiVirus integrates fully into McAfee ePO, leveraging its infrastructure for automated security reporting, monitoring, deployment, and policy administration.

Optimized scanning

MOVE AntiVirus provides higher operational benefits, and minimizes the performance impact on virtual servers with enhanced scan avoidance and scanning based on overall work load of the hypervisor.

Flexible deployment

McAfee®  MOVE AntiVirus offers the flexibility to choose your preferred deployment model:

  • One option works across multiple virtualization platforms.

Greater Data Center visibility

McAfee Data Center Connector, which is also part of the Data Center Security suite, provides a complete view into virtual data centers and imports key properties like servers, hypervisors, virtual machines through the McAfee ePO console. You can register a cloud account for Amazon Web Services (AWS), or  OpenStack with McAfee ePO to discover and gain visibility into all VMs, and protect them using MOVE AntiVirus.

McAfee SVA (Security Virtual Appliance) Manager

McAfee SVA Manager integrates fully into McAfee MOVE AV Multi-Platform, and it automatically assigns the MOVE Offload Scan Servers to McAfee MOVE AV Multi-Platform clients based on configurable parameters like Scan Server load, McAfee ePO tags, and IP address ranges.

The SVA Manager component:

  • Simplifies administrative management by automating the assignment of clients to the offload scan servers.
  • Provides visibility of scan server status by monitoring the health of the offload scan servers.
  • Performs load-balancing of offload scan servers.

Scan diagnostic tool

You can run the scan diagnostic tool to easily find frequently scanned files, extensions, and VMs, then include these results in the path exclusion policies to exclude them from being scanned. A good set of exclusions improves the performance of the virtual infrastructure.

Restore quarantined items

McAfee MOVE AV deletes any items that are detected as threats, converts a copy of the item to a non‑executable format, and saves it in the Quarantine folder. These quarantined items can be restored later.

Quarantined items can include files, cookies, and registries.

Targeted on-demand scan

The targeted on-demand scan feature allows the administrator to select a system or a group of systems from the System Tree in McAfee ePO and assign a client task to initiate the on-demand scan immediately.

The OSS runs the specified Maximum concurrent targeted scans per Offload Scan Server in addition to the Maximum concurrent scans per Offload Scan Server defined in the policy.

RAM disk for scanning

RAM disk is used by the OSS for file scanning and it significantly reduces the disk I/O on the offline scan server. You can enable the RAM disk option in the ePolicy Orchestrator server. RAM disk is created by the OSS and it improves the OSS performance by enhancing the scan time.