Dedalus-France has been supporting the performance, quality and innovation of private and public healthcare institutions for almost 30 years, providing them with proven solutions in the Patient Records, care provision, Biology and Medical Imaging departments. Compliant with market standards and holding ISO 13485 and EC certification, the solutions help to optimise clinical processes to improve patient safety and the economic performance of facilities enabling them to reduce costs.

Dedalus-France is a French editor of clinical solutions and holds more than a 43% share of the market in the large University Hospital/Regional Hospital segment (source IDC 2010). Providing operational solutions to more than 120 facilities and 450 public and private laboratories, Medasys has proven the quality of its solutions. Over 200,000 users connect daily to our 24hr, 7-days-a-week customer service to receive advice from highly qualified experts.

The integrated approach offered by Dedalus promotes the coherence, reliability and security of patient data. Every DxCare® suite module provides different healthcare professionals (IMD, pharmacists, surgeons, nurses, secretaries, experts, radiographers, biologists, and others) within an institution with tools adapted to the management of their daily tasks whilst sharing patient data.

Dedalus invests in European research projects and actively contributes to the IHE Connectathon, thus validating its solutions using established standards (HL7, DICOM, HTML, XML). Medasys is a member of GICAT (French Land Defence Manufacturers Association).

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