Medis Suite CVMR is an advanced analysis applications embedded for quantitative post-processing of CardioVascular MR studies.

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Product Details

Medis Suite CVMR is an advanced analysis applications embedded for quantitative post-processing of CardioVascular MR studies.

Medis Suite CVMR allows the quantitative analysis of left and right ventricular function, of infarct sizing, of myocardial classification and perfusion, and of blood flow in the major vessels.


Basic radiology platform and connectivity

  • Built in DICOM connectivity
  • Centralized database for studies, analysis data and reports
  • Query and retrieve old cases, including contour files (tracings) Automatically receive and process patient data into worklists
  • Support for cardiac MR studies of all major MR vendors
  • Import of cardiac MR studies from CD-ROM and other data sources
  • (Automatic) archiving of results, reports and contour files to PACS
  • Automatic housekeeping of data
  • Server-client deployment
  • Flexible drag and drop viewer
  • Available with floating licenses

Reporting and results

  • Customizable report templates for clinical reporting
  • Simply add screenshots, graphs and Bull’s eyes to the report
  • Add visual scoring of wall motion, scar transmurality defects
  • Work with multiple normal ranges including your own
  • Calculation of z-scores
  • Predefined comments for fast reporting of symptoms and findings
  • Comprehensive reporting for scientific research (copy and paste easily into a spreadsheet) Results in various graphical formats, including graphs, bull’s-eyes (AHA 16 segment model) and 3D visualization of contours.
  • Export results in various file formats, including TXT, PDF, HTML, XML and as DICOM SC directly to PACS
  • Save movies as .MPEG or .AVI to include in presentations & perfusion

Quantitative analyses – QMass & QFlow

  • Comprehensive set of contour tracing and editing tools
  • Easy to learn standard operation procedures
  • Regional results in 16 segments according to AHA standard


  • Guided workflow
  • LV and RV function analysis, NEW: CT Function (add-on module) Global function analyses (Simpson’s method) on short axis or transversal stack of cines.
  • Quantification of custom volumes, such as atrial volumes
  • Area-length and Biplane volumetric analysis methods for long axis cines.
  • Automatic contour detection of LV endo and epicardium and RV endocardium, semi-automatic contour editing
  • Automatic exclusion of images in short axis based on information in long axis
  • NEW: auto-detection of papillary muscles and trabeculae with “MassK mode”
  • Detailed regional function analyses (Full Edition); wall motion, thickness & thickening
  • Quantification of EDV, ESV, SV, %EF, CO, CI, indexed values (BSA and height), (time to) peak filling and ejection rate
  • Various BSA calculation methods for indexed results

Phase Contrast Flow analysis (QFlow)

  • Phase-contrast blood flow analysis
  • Automatic contour detection
  • Copy of contours in forward and backward direction
  • Various background correction methods to correct for flow-induced artifacts, “Stationary flow fit”
  • Phase unwrapping to correct for aliasing
  • Color-coding to visualize velocities
  • Calculation of velocities and volumetric blood flow in up to 4 ROI’s
  • Automatic calculation of regurgitant fraction and volumes
  • Display of min and max velocity pixels