Micro Focus

Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience in delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions that help customers innovate faster with lower risk.

By applying proven expertise in software and security, Micro Focus enables customers to utilize new technology solutions while maximizing the value of their investments in critical IT infrastructure and business applications. As a result, they can build, operate, and secure the IT systems that bring together existing business logic and applications with emerging technologies - in essence, bridging the old and the new - to meet their increasingly complex business demands.

The Micro Focus portfolio includes:

  • Identity access and security solutions
  • COBOL development and mainframe solutions
  • Development and IT operations management tools
  • Host connectivity solutions
  • Collaboration and networking solutions

Micro Focus is headquartered in Newbury, United Kingdom. Following the 2014 merger with the US-based Attachmate Group, Micro Focus is now one company operating two product portfolios.

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