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Product Details

Strong Authentication is a solution that ensures that only the right set of eyes have access to critical information sitting on the cloud or on-premise. Our wide range of Strong Authentication techniques and easily configured solutions provide great security at a great cost.

Single Sign-On
User regularly need to remember many passwords. Security best practices require those passwords to be unique, strong and frequently changed. It’s no wonder enterprise users write them down, stick them to the monitor or just forget them. miniOrange Single Sign-On (SSO) addresses these challenges by significantly reducing clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords.

Identity Brokering (Gateway)
Identity broker acts as an intermediary which connects multiple service providers with various different identity providers. Using miniOrange Identity Broker (Gateway), you can perform single sign-on (sso) over any applications without the hassle about the protocol it follows. No need to understand or implement complex SSO protocols like SAML, OpenID, OAuth, CAS or any other. Instead, you can just call the HTTP endpoints and access any identities.The important reason why we should use Identity Broker is that it supports Cross Protocol i.e. configuring Service Provider following a particular protocol with an Identity Provider following some different protocol.

Multi Factor Authentication
Multi-factor authentication validates user identity with passwords and an additional layer of authentication (e.g. OTP over SMS/Email). This provides greater identity assurance of a user who is accessing any resource. With multi-factor enabled on your system, it prevents the unauthorized person from accessing the resources even they know your username and password.

Adaptive Authentication
Using Adaptive Authentication, you can protect your company’s applications and data. It allows you to give employees and customers a seamless way to access the tools they need. miniOrange Adaptive MFA uses device, location, time of access and user behavior to minimize the risk of improper data access or loss of information.

User Provisioning / Deprovisioning
User provisioning is the creation, management, and maintenance of an end user's objects and attributes in relation to accessing resources available in one or more systems. Provisioning feature includes automatic create, update and delete operations on user accounts and synchronization of user attributes in services. User provisioning makes life easier for admins because they do not have to manually arrange access for each user.

Directory Services
miniOrange supports in-built directory on the cloud as well as on-premise. miniOrange can also connect with any external directory like AD / LDAP, Google, AWS Cognito, etc. The miniOrange directory services enable user management features such as automatic user provisioning, user-deprovisioning, password management, access levels, automatic user-group assignment and scheduled synchronization of user-data across all directories.