MIRACL is a Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution to work in one single user step from any device. There is no requirement for a second device, an SMS or one-time code or any other userflow COMPLEXITY that blights the experience of other solutions. As a result, a login takes just 2 seconds instead of 30 seconds or more; ideal for a Zero Trust enterprise environment in which users may be logging in 5 or 10 times every day. 

MIRACL Trust® ID is a Citrix Ready SaaS solution which has no reliance on hardware or OS security features. This ensures that the solution is more easily deployed across a large user-base because there are no COMPATIBILITY issues. 

Cutting-edge zero-knowledge CRYPTOGRAPHY ensures that no Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is required on the user at all. No user data is either stored or transmitted ensuring a Privacy-first solution that is fully resistant to all network attacks including Credential Stuffing, Phishing, Replay and Man-in-the-Middle.

MIRACL also provides the most compelling total COST of ownership. With no licence fees to pay, no hardware to maintain and no required service contract, the only cost is users' authentications which are less than 25% of the cost of an SMS.

For reasons of complexity, compatibility, cryptography and cost, MIRACL really does offer the best secure identity and access solution for Citrix Workspace.

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