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With Morpheus a multi-cloud and mutli-platform discovery of brownfield deployments can gather more data about more environments than anyone else. Add a dose of predictive analytics and remediation to see how we help you lower costs and gain control of traditional, private, or public clouds and apps running on bare metal, VMs, or Containers.


Use analytics to better manage your cloud
Uncover diagnostics on usage, utilization, and cost of current infrastructure with machine learning powered remediation.

  • Details on VMs, Containers, and Public Clouds
  • Resize app components and set power schedules
  • Even gathers data on brownfield installations

Set, compare and control cloud costs
Easily map workloads to the right infrastructure with custom costing, visibility of public cloud costs and in-line comparison tools

  • Set custom tiers and pricing for provisioned instances
  • Instant visibility of costs from public cloud providers
  • Guide users to balance cost, capacity, and performance

Track services from cradle to grave
Kick off requests in ServiceNow plus automate housekeeping with configurable shutdown, power scheduling and service expiration.

  • Use Morpheus or 3rd party ITSM to manage requests
  • Set approval and expiration policies for easy clean-up
  • Leverage analytics to pause services in off hours