Electronic Graphometric Signature Solution. Signing with your hand is the oldest and most familiar gesture.

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Product Details

Graphosign is Namirial’s certified Graphometric Signature Solution. It is an Advanced Electronic Signature process, born to be compliant with all Italian and European regulations, whose main feature lies in having a Certification Authority (C.A.) and a front-line employee (client services desk, sales personnel…) that recognize and certificate the end signer.

This procedure satisfies identity recognition requirements, in addition to guaranteeing the integrity and consistency of the electronic document.

Graphosign enables real and full dematerialization processes. The document is digitally created, the graphometric signature is subsequently affixed and the document is then archived in line with legislation. The process is ISO27001 certified.

There are available software/App and entire SDK for Windows (32 application and Modern UI), Android and iOS. In all cases the solution works in local on the device, so the biometric data acquisition and insertion in the pdf is done in order to guarantee security.


Graphosign is a handwritten biometric signature solution that can be used on signature pads or mobile tablets. It works perfectly offline, online or in terminal servers with Windows and Citrix. Graphosign is deeply integrated with signature PAD or ultra-book devices, thereby boasting a wealth of specific functionalities and characteristics that make the entire hardware and software solution unique and focused entirely on client needs.


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