NComputing EX500 thin client is a high-performance, affordable x86-64 endpoint solution for Citrix, Microsoft, and NComputing Desktop Virtualization Platforms.

The EX500 is powered by NComputing LEAF OS, a fully locked-down Linux-based operating system designed specifically for secure, high-performance access to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces.

The EX500 is easy to configure using NComputing's PMC Endpoint Manager software. Remotely manage devices over local and wide-area networks including locations behind firewalls and NAT routers through an easy-to-use web-based user interface. 

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Product Details

The EX500 thin client is fully optimized for multiple virtualization platforms providing better performance and value using the x86-64 CPU architecture. Features include 4K Ultra HD video, dual monitor ports, gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth, broad peripheral support and Wi-Fi all controlled by enterprise-grade device management software–a perfect platform for demanding knowledge workers across the organization.

Multi-platform optimization

The EX500 provides optimized multimedia capabilities for several virtualization platforms.

  • Citrix: Virtual Apps and Desktops. Optimized for Microsoft Teams and supports Browser Content Redirection (BCR) to utilize local capabilities.
  • Microsoft: Support for Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365 Cloud PC, and Remote Desktop Services (RDS).
  • NComputing: VERDE VDI, VERDE Remote Access and vSpace Pro Enterprise.

Powered by LEAF OS: Optimized for Citrix desktop virtualization

LEAF OS is our small Linux-based operating system designed specifically for secure, high-performance access to virtual desktops and cloud workspaces. Flexible in its deployment, LEAF OS enables user access to multiple virtual desktop platforms from thin clients and personal computers. Integration with the Citrix Workspace app allows LEAF OS to deliver a compelling software endpoint solution for Citrix enterprise customers.

PMC Endpoint Manager: Central management and express deployment

The EX500 is easy to configure using PMC Endpoint Manager software. Remotely manage devices over local and wide-area networks including locations behind firewalls and NAT routers through an easy-to-use web-based user interface. Define multiple device profile configurations, push to individual or grouped devices, and schedule updates including firmware. A dashboard overview and detailed event log provide valuable information about your deployment. Easy-to-use for smaller organizations yet powerful enough to manage large cross-organizational deployments across multiple geographic locations, PMC simplifies.

Broad USB peripheral support:

The EX500 provides broad USB peripheral support with transparent redirection of USB peripheral devices for mass storage, local and network printers, scanners, smart card readers, headsets or speakers, webcams, COM ports, standard keyboards, mice, and 3D mice.

Local applications support:

LEAF OS includes select local applications that run on the device, not through a virtualization platform. Direct access to the web via Chromium Browser eliminates virtualization lag. Microsoft Teams and Zoom both benefit from direct audio/video relay eliminating common concerns of web conferencing through virtual platforms. Additional 3rd party Linux applications can be installed in LEAF OS via the custom module support to further extend its functionality. LEAF OS controls the availability of these apps and their deployment method, with a Guest Mode option for Kiosk-like use.

Thin Client configuration and test case results:

Thin Client OS: Linux
Thin Client OS version: firmware version 3.8.0
Architecture: x64

Type Test Standard Premium Test Results
Multimedia Hardware Accelaration using H265 Codec Support (Optional)       X NA
Video Conferencing on Skype for Business with HDX Real Time Optimization Pack Support       X NA
Optimization for Microsoft Teams Support       X Passed
HTML5 Redirection Support       X Passed
Browser Content Redirection Support       X Passed
Windows Media Stream Redirection Support       X Passed
Security PIV Smartcard Support       X NA
Citrix Workspace Enablers Citrix Cloud Services Support       X       X NA
Citrix Files access and Experience Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace App Support       X       X Passed
Citrix Workspace Support       X       X Passed
Access Secure SaaS and Web Application       X       X NA
Devices Plug n Play Devices Redirection       X       X Passed
High-Definition Webcam Streaming       X       X Passed
3D Mouse Support and Redirection       X       X Passed
Graphics Rich Graphics Application Support       X       X Passed
Multi Monitor Support for 2D and 3D Applications       X       X Passed
Pixel Perfect Lossless Compression       X       X Passed
2D Graphics - Server Rendered Virtual Application       X       X Passed
Multimedia Video Playback - Server Rendered Windows Media Redirection       X       X Passed
Print Client Printer Test Using Citrix Universal Printer Driver       X       X Passed
General HDX Traffic Management and Monitoring with Citrix ADM 
      X       X NA
Accelerated Traffic Support through Citrix SD-WAN (optional)       X       X NA

*Passed: This case is fully tested by partner and has met the desired results.
*Not Tested – This test case was not executed as per partner preference. Submit your questions by clicking on the Request Information button on this page.
*NA (Not Applicable) – This test case is not applicable for this thin client because of the hardware/software or Citrix product support limitation.


screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot


EX500 thin client features:

  • Powered by Intel Quad-Core J3455 1.5 GHz (2.3 GHz Burst Frequency)
  • 64GB eMMC and 4GB DDR SDRAM
  • Optimized for Citrix HDX (Virtual Apps and Desktops), Microsoft (AVD, Windows 365, RDS) and NComputing (VERDE VDI, VERDE Remote Access, vSpace Pro Enterprise)
  • Remotely manage endpoints via the web with PMC Endpoint Manager
  • Local application support for direct access without a full VDI desktop
  • Native dual monitor ports up to 3480x2160 @ 30hz
  • USB 3.0 (2 ports) and USB 2.0 (2ports) with transparent redirection
  • 5GHz and 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi with Personal and Enterprise 802.1x security
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45 port)
  • Bluetooth v4.2 (Scheduled for Q4 2022 via firmware update)
  • Integrated VPN support (OpenVPN, OpenConnect, FortiClient, IPsec and PPTP)
  • 3.5mm audio port (audio-in/out)
    • EX500 thin client comes with a perpetual use of PMC Endpoint Manager license.

PMC Endpoint Manager software features:

  • Manage devices located in local and wide area networks (WAN), including devices behind firewalls and NAT-routers. Working-from-home and hybrid workforce deployments fully supported.
  • Easy to use PMC web-based user interface, accessible from any browser anywhere.
  • Secure HTML5 remote screen shadowing on devices.
  • Secure device onboarding with optional passcode protection.
  • Provision device profiles and push configurations to individual or grouped devices.
  • Automatic discovery, check-in, and provisioning of new devices.
  • Advanced hierarchical device grouping and profile assignment for cross-organizational deployment.
  • Event scheduler for device reboot, shutdown, or remote firmware update.
  • Built-in repository for firmware, certificates, and wallpapers for managed devices.
  • Real-time dashboard summary.
  • Detailed event logging with filtering capability.
  • Simple virtual appliance deployment on Azure Cloud and with popular hypervisors including Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.


  • High-performance, affordable x86-64 thin client
  • Easy access to Citrix desktop virtualization envrionment
  • Deliver a secure & locked down end-user computing envrionment
  • Centrally managed - easy to deploy and reduce on-going maintenance
  • Expanded USB peripheral capabilities 


Brochures: Executive Overview

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