NST6000 has UNIFIED HYBRID STORAGE Performance, Availability and Scale for Any SAN and NAS Workload in Your Environment.

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Product Details

NST6000 has UNIFIED HYBRID STORAGE Performance, Availability and Scale for Any SAN and NAS Workload in Your Environment.

The Nexsan NST6000 unified hybrid storage appliance is ideal for organizations seeking significantly increased application performance and simplified storage administration.

The NST6000 is a unified storage system. The NST6000 supports block-level - Fibre Channel, iSCSI (SAN) and file-level - NFS, CIFS, SMB, FTP (NAS) protocols without sacrificing performance and eliminating the need for separate software stacks and block and file licenses.

The NST6000 conveniently manages all protocols, pools, shares and LUNs within a single system. E-Centre, NST6000's single-pane management interface, provides a single view to manage all SAN and NAS storage.

NST6000 is a hybrid storage system. NestOS, NST6000's operating system, integrates the use of solid-state caching and hard disk storage to enable organizations to meet the most demanding I/O performance requirements of both SAN and NAS workloads.

NestOS's FASTier caching technology is smart. It includes fault tolerant DRAM for the highest possible write caching performance and enterprise-class SSDs to accelerate read I/O, allowing you to independently customize your performance and capacity points.

FASTier read/write cache devices can be customized at a storage pool level, enabling organizations to extend the use of FASTier to many applications in the data center.

Technical Specifications

  • Block – Fibre Channel, iSCSI
  • File – NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP
  • NestOS storage operating system
  • FASTier Acceleration Technology
  • Multi-Core Xeon CPUs
  • Fault-tolerant DRAM
  • Enterprise-class eMLC SSD or SLC SSD
  • Scalable up to 5 PB (using NL-SAS HDDs)
  • Scalable up to 756 TB (using Performance-SAS HDDs)
  • Compact 2U NST224X SAS enclosures
  • Efficient E-Series V SAS storage arrays and expansion units
  • E-Centre Management Interface

The combination of solid-state technology, Fibre Channel connectivity, and a highly scalable back-end storage infrastructure makes the NST6000 platform ideal for continuous data availability supporting mission-critical IT applications.


  • Complete host connectivity in a single system and software stack: Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP. NST6000 provides fully unified storage with no need to administer discrete tasks, code bases and separate licenses.
  • Application-friendly: Flexible read/write I/O acceleration tier, customizable to the needs of the Pools, LUNs or Shares presented to Hosts. NST6000's FASTier acceleration technology increases storage I/O performance, lowers latency and extends the life of SSDs.
  • Smart, practical use of solid-state technology: Fault-tolerant DRAM delivers the highest write caching performance possible and enterprise-class SSDs accelerate read I/O performance. NST6000's hybrid storage solution optimizes the use of solid-state technology for maximum effectiveness.
    High-performance continuous availability: Powerful active/active controllers linked together via a high-speed backplane provide up to 700,000 IOPs and non-disruptive failover. NST6000's mirrored write cache with cache vaulting ensures the highest levels of performance and availability. Combined with active/active RAID controllers within the underlying E-Series storage, NST6000 provides high availability storage that can scale up to 5 petabytes.
  • Adaptable storage infrastructure: Use SSDs, Performance-SAS HDDs and NL-SAS HDDs to meet varying storage requirements. NST6000 is a unified hybrid storage platform that can be customized and deployed for performance-oriented workloads, capacity-oriented workloads, or deploy both performance and capacity tiers within the same system. With the non-disruptive addition of FASTier or new disk enclosures, performance and capacity can be independently scaled.
  • Intuitive single-pane management: Interface and set-up assistants designed for the IT generalist. For advanced users the management software offers a command line interface for scripting. NST6000's E-Centre GUI provides a single view to manage file and block traffic while leveraging various types of storage media.