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This product is compatible with

  • XenServer 6.2

Product Details

The DCV protocol adapts to heterogeneous networking infrastructures like LAN, WAN and VPN, to deal with bandwidth and latency constraints. All applications run natively on the remote machines, that could be virtualized and share the same physical GPU.

In a typical visualization scenario, a software application sends a stream of graphics commands to a graphics adapter through an input/output (I/O) interface. The graphics adapter renders the data into pixels and outputs them to the local display as a video signal.

When using NICE DCV, the scene geometry and graphics state are rendered on a central server, and pixels are sent to one or more remote displays.

NICE DCV architecture consist of:

  • DCV Server, equipped with one or more GPUs, used for OpenGL rendering
  • One or more DCV EndStations, running on "thin clients", only used for visualization
  • Etherogeneous networking infrastructures (like LAN, WAN and VPN), optimized balancing quality vs frame rate


  • Enables high performance remote access to interactive 2D/3D software applications on low bandwidth/high latency
  • Supports multiple etherogeneous OS (Windows, Linux)
  • Enables GPU sharing
  • Supports 3D acceleration for OpenGL applications running on Virtual Machines
  • Supports multiple user collaboration via session sharing
  • Enables attractive Return-on-Investment through resource sharing and consolidation to data centers (GPU, memory, CPU)
  • Keeps the data secure in the data center, reducing data load and save time
  • Enables right sizing of system allocation based on users dynamic needs
  • Facilitates application deployment: all applications, updates and patches are instantly available to everyone, without any changes to original code

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